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Their world, the Inner Earth, doesn't know night. A smoky sun, which is the nucleus of our Earth, hovers in the center. It hangs over 1,000 miles above the inner surface and provides for a pleasant orange hue and a constant temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). There's less gravity there than here, so you feel lighter.

Western scientists have tried to determine from the outer surface which elements this core consists of. This was done via a so-called spectrometer, an instrument through which the composition of materials can be measured by listening to the outgoing frequencies.

It turned out to be a spherical crystal of iron and xenon of millions of degrees hot and with an enormous density (8). The assumed diameter is approximately 1,300 miles. This core rotates much faster than the crust and, moreover, the other way. This acts as a generator, and this creates the magnetosphere around the Earth.
A quarter of Agartha consists of water, the rest is land upon which are built about one hundred crystal-like cities. The capitol city where their government resides is called "Shamballa the Lesser", other cities have names such as Posid, Shonshe, Rama and Shingwa.

The crust of our planet is like a Swiss cheese. Over time caverns and grottos have formed that are hundreds of miles long. The satellite cities in the Agartha network are found in some of these spaces (10). Some lay very near under the Earth surface, like the big city of Telos (11) under Mount Shasta in California. Telos reaches up to about half way in the mountain and thus lays partly within the surface of the Earth.

Not everywhere do we find magma, and it doesn't go any deeper than 20 miles. The rest of the crust is used by the Agarthans for making connections between satellite cities and the continents within the Earth. Most cities have self sustaining eco-systems.

The "Counsel of Twelve" which governs Agartha is a group of six men and six women. It is a compassionate board of directors that provides guidance and protection to the entire citizenry. The High Priest performs other important functions for the people.

All cities and houses are connected by a most ingenious, spiritual computer system. It functions with the use of amino acids and is used for internal and galactic communication. It also keeps check on the health of the citizenry and monitors their intake levels of vitamins and minerals.

There is no use of money in Agartha. People use the barter system and there is plenty of everything for everyone. Energy is free. The cities are accommodated with moving sidewalks and for shorter distances a sort of scooter is used. An electromagnetic system called "the tube" is used for travel from one city to another. It can reach speeds up to four thousand miles per hour.

The Agarthans are fully integrated into the galactic way of interaction and are part of the Confederation of Planets. They make space-flights in ships that are capable of changing dimensions which makes it impossible for us to see them. It is at crowded places such as Mount Shasta and Mount Adams where space-ships come and go all the time. Contactee James Gilliland, built his ranch at the foot of Mount Adams, to search the night skies with visitors from all over the world. With binoculars they watch the light-ships move in and out of the mountain. The outside of the mountain is no obstacle for their ships since they dematerialize without any problems.
Of course the illuminati, who make our lives on the surface of Earth so challenging, have also tried to conquer the Inner Earth. Due to the Agarthans' superior technology and the protection of the Confederation, the Agarthans had no difficulty stopping those attempts.

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There are a few exceptions, whereby your guardian angel isn't allowed to prevent your soul contract from being ended prematurely. One of those is suicide. If you choose to end your own life, that is your own free will and so your guardian angel won't interfere. However, you're offered a last chance to return before you go into heaven, because suicide is almost never desirable. To a soul, a life ended by its own hand, remains a deed which it will always think back on with regret. That's because it left a chance for development unused and besides that, almost always karma is being created by such a decision. After all, in case of suicide usually loved ones stay behind on whom such an event leaves deep marks. That karma will have to be redeemed in following lives.

Another exception where your guardian angel can't interfere, is murder. One of the most important laws that God equipped this universe with, is the Law of Free Will. Angels aren't allowed to go against universal laws, so if someone wants to kill you, that's his free will and your guardian angel can't stop this. With this however, compensations are possible for the soul of the victim because it couldn't help that its soul contract was ended prematurely.
Obviously the murder also causes the offender a cartload of karma, that will only be redeemed once he himself undergoes a similar fate.

There are cases however, in which higher beings are allowed to interfere if someone is in danger of being murdered. That is for example, when that person plays such an important role in a larger proces, for example the Ascension of the Earth, that it would have too many consequences if they died. Such a person is then actually invulnerable (without knowing it). This is also predetermined in the soul contract. The actual protection doesn't necessarily have to be executed by the guardian angel, it can also be done by the Galactic Federation for example. But the communication about the fate of a soul always runs through the guardian angel.


Not only humans and animals have protectors, trees and plants also have helpers who make sure that everything goes according to plan as much as possible. These spirits of nature are called devas, or the devic kingdom. Among others the well-known fairies from fairy tales are a part of it. Yes indeed, just like so many other legends, like mermaids, dragons and Minotaurs, fairies really do exist! (7) Just like other higher beings, they're aware of all your thoughts when you're around them. And you can always ask them for help. So if you're lost in a forest, don't hesitate to call upon the fairies, because they would certainly like to help you find the way back.

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The Reptilians

Reptilians are an ancient extraterrestrial species that originate from another universe. Because of the junction of two universes, they also ended up in ours. The God of our universe calls this "a mistake in hindsight" in his conversations with former journalist and psychic Suzanne Ward (1), because he had not been able to foresee how much havoc this race would cause in his universe. For many people the notion that God can make mistakes might be difficult to grasp, but as has been said, the entire idea behind the Creation was to experience. This means that God and the Creator don't always know beforehand how things will develop.

Although there are also positive reptilian civilizations that evolve spiritually, the negative ones are infamous for their malice and aggression. This species has stopped developing. You can compare them to the white shark in our oceans, which also stopped developing hundreds of thousands of years ago. The animal is finished. And the result is impressive. An adult reptilian is a 13-feet tall, physically and mentally very strong, completely telepathic, incredibly fast and intelligent creature. They can live for thousands of years.
"The ultimate warriors" was what the Andromedan contactee Alex Collier calls them (2). "If you ever run into them, there is only one thing you can do: run."


Full-blooded reptilians have a scaly skin and walk upright, just like humans. They look like humans in their physical build as well, with the largest difference being that they lay eggs. The negative reptilians that live on Earth form the top of the pyramid-shaped power structure the illuminati use to rule our planet, and therefore they pull all the strings. A former human slave of theirs, Arizona Wilder (3), said that on Earth there are various places where their eggs are kept and hatched, for example, in French and Belgian castles which are the property of powerful illuminati families such as the Rothschilds.

The higher a reptilian's status, the more features it physically decorates itself with, for example a tail, wings and a bony ring around its head. Because of a reptilian's mental power it can influence what its body looks like. In the photo below you can see a work of art which portrays the main reptilian nicknamed "The Beast". He used to hide somewhere in an underground city in America, but there are reports that he has left Earth by now. However, the worldwide illuminati network he was in charge of is still fully active.

Reptilians often wear black clothing of a protective material which repairs itself. This is why the Pleiadians jokingly call them "the Black T-shirts". By human standards, reptilians are described as 'very ugly'. Just as with humans and greys, there are bigger and smaller species of reptilians in the universe.