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When you become aware of the sodomite signaling around you it raises questions. If you can accept what the Lord showed me some 20 years ago, that Adam was sodomized in the Garden by the “serpent tree,” you can follow the dynamic of this activity as it threads through the historical record up to the present and beyond, and make better sense of it. When our eyes begin to open to the legitimate reality of sodomy as a ritual gateway and means of worship and communion with the gods, of acquiring supernatural power, that's when we really begin to perceive the agendas, roles and objectives of people, their organizations and the events where sodomite methods have been concealed.
The SS (Schutzstaffel) who split off and superceded the SA seem to have taken ritual sodomy to a new level. Their runic SS has a Z for Zeus in the negative space between the lightning bolt weapons of Zeus. The bolts are also two men, facing the same way. The SA runic symbol of their former association illustrates the basis for it.

The secret of the Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne) is revealed in recognizing it as their god's asset, the ultimate sodomite portal. The 12 spokes are as the solar year zodiac and the 12 solar year cycle of planet Jupiter (Zeus), the father of Apollo.

The Black Sun. Leave it to the one who masquerades as an angel of light to put the sun where the sun don't shine.
After WWII, many Nazi scientists were brought to America, including Joseph Mengele, a Captain of the SS. Sodomy was not new to America, but it would apparently never be the same. To be able to understand why we see sodomy signaling everywhere and accept what it means, it helps to see past the cover stories we've been sold. Why would anyone want to whitewash what the Nazis did? Because it's even their own cover, that's why. Think about it.

Bob Schlenker #fundie theopenscroll.blogspot.com

Some of you may remember a TV series from 1966-1967 called The Time Tunnel. The title construct was what we now refer to as a stargate, featuring a helical tunnel as the portal through which one would pass through time. The logo, seen on the floor of the control room, pictures an hourglass but it should also be seen as the crossing of helical windings, as with DNA. A pyramid is also featured in the logo, and you may also note that the novel is a Pyramid book.
The consistency of all this imagery should speak more and more loudly to us of a reality underlying the common thematic elements. As the Bible declares, there is a dimensional portal that will be opened shortly through which will pass entities as from out of a bottomless pit, entering into our realm as appointed to fulfill the sovereign God's purposes.