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Empress Cheesatine and il ragno #racist #conspiracy thephora.net

[Comment under "PewDiePie donates $50,000 to the ADL"]

@Empress Cheesatine

He's trying to take the heat off after Tarrant said "subscribe to pewdiepie" before he murdered 51 Muslims. It's a PR move.

Reply by il ragno:

Same principle as Trump sacrificing his daughter to (((them))) and granting Hymie's every wish otherwise: all things considered, it's a bargain for what he's buying - truly effective assassination insurance.

Just think: if JFK had ponied up whatever shakedown amount they were asking him for, there'd be no such thing as "the Kennedy curse"; LBJ would today be considered a minor political footnote who enjoyed exposing himself to the Capitol Hill press corps ; Sinatra would have been appointed Ambassador to the Vatican after arranging for Bobby to be found next to a murdered hooker at the Sands, and thereupon quietly ushered out of politics; and Teddy would be Fredo, teaching John-John to fish with a bent pin after reciting the Moron's Prayer. Nixon? Johnny Ola, probably.

But nooooo - JFK didn't need the damn Jews. He'd show them!

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il ragno #racist thephora.net

Last night I heard a nigger broadcaster pretend to "understand" Hader's excuse (I was a kid, that's not what I'm like today), by saying, "I understand, man - I understand young and stupid. But you a homophobic raceiss, bro. Don't tell me you're not, cos you can't walk back what you said, 17 or no 17."

It's a good thing I'm too old to give a shit about this fucked Earth any longer, or I'd have c-sectioned that radio with a fire-axe. I've had to put up with a lot of 99 44/100% pure bullshit as we tumble Hellwards in a rickety handbasket - we all have - but surely the textbook definition of "bullshit" is a nigger pretending that homophobia is some kind of character flaw. Even niggers who suck dick will curb stomp a weenie accusing them of some fag shit like "homophobia".

But let the record show that even the black chappies can adjust to the floating ethics of Jewish "virtue". It's just that the ones in suits and ties have learned to fear the bitch in Human Resources, now that Hymie got Five-O eatin' from they mothafuckin' hand.

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Kevin Riley O'Keefe #fundie thephora.net

An Open Letter to Professor Mark Ellis

by Kevin Riley O'Keeffe

Greetings: I recently read of your contention (popular in today's academic climate) that race is a "social construct." Allow me to suggest that this is a positively ludicrous notion, based entirely on the desire for it to be true on the part of the multiculturalist political left, rather than anything remotely akin to the objective fact that contemporary academia would have us believe.

Virtually all mammalian species (I'm generously assuming you don't regard species as a "social construct") consist of several subspecies. While it's possible that homo sapiens could be one of the rare exceptions, the fact that we are all aware of the existence of these other human subspecies (which, from our naturally sapien-centric view, we tend to refer to as "races," rather than as subspecies) argues rather definitively that we are not such an exception. The idea that you sincerely believe some Congolese cannibal is not a member of a different subspecies from a Swede, or even a Persian or Korean, is laughable, assuming you are not under the thrall of some corrupt religious dogma which requires you to say so, much as Hindus are required to abstain from eating beef.

Religion is all well and good, in so far as it pleases one to adhere to it, and if one wishes to gyrate before an idol of Ba'al, or pray to Jesus, or to believe in racial egalitarianism or some other such superstitious mumbo-jumbo, that is of course one's right. However, to use one's position as a professor of geography (a field, it should be noted, not generally associated with sweeping pronouncements on human physiology) to contaminate the minds of America's young people with one's own personal religious delusions/beliefs, is a terrible crime against truth, moral decency, and the survival of Western Civilization and its Europid creators.

Please keep your seemingly deranged religious views to yourself and try actually being the professor of geography you claim to be, rather than a proselytizer for the multiculturalist civic religion that is currently in the process of eroding everything we have created in the last 5,000 years. If an appeal to your sense of honor is ineffective, then perhaps you should take note of the fact that you are still a rather youngish-looking man and that the current regime is unlikely to last forever. Patriots have long memories, and the American government isn't much more stable than the Soviet regime was 20 years ago, as such extra-Constitutional, fascistic measures as the laughably named "USA Patriot Act" make quite clear. If you continue to commit crimes through the poisoning of the minds of our community's young people, the next regime may feel it necessary for you to be placed on trial for treason, and I or someone very much like me, may well be your judge or prosecutor. I respectfully but adamantly suggest you cease hiding behind academic freedom and the First Amendment in order to continue practicing the psychic equivalent of child molestation, i.e. the deliberate spiritual and intellectual pollution of the minds and souls of our young men and women.


Kevin Riley O'Keeffe of San Jose, California

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Ixion #racist thephora.net

The average Mongoloid is cognitively superior to the average Caucasoid, but Mongoloids heavily cluster round their group mean in terms of intelligence, so that they have fewer men of exceptional intelligence than Caucasoids. And it is only men of exceptional intelligence who make socially recognised creative achievements. Also, creativity is positively correlated with Psychoticism. Asians score lower on personality tests in Psychoticism than do Caucasoids. And Psychoticism is known to be heritable trait. Hence the argument could be made that Caucasoids are innately more creative than Mongoloids, though slightly less intelligent

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Annoying bitch #fundie thephora.net

For women to be racialist or nationalistic is an anomaly. Women will engage with whichever man can provide for them the best lifestyle. This is best displayed during wartime, women of occupied countries will freely give themselves to occupying armies in exchange for food, status and protection. Men are more intellectual and guided by high-minded ideals like patriotism, while women are interested mainly in survival. This is why women are historically "oppressed" in some societies. Mongol, Hun, and Moorish armies probably did not get much resistance from European women, in fact they probably had to fight them off with a stick.

The West has become overintellectualized and has invented all these concepts (feminism, monogamy, human rights, "love marriages") to avoid uncomfortable aspects of basic human nature and none of them work because they obviously conflict with one another (i.e. how do you fall in love and stay monogamous with a feminist?).

The less intellectualized cultures on earth know all about this, which is why they place a lot of restrictions on their own women and their behavior, while at the same time engaging in the practice of concubinage (mostly of conquered or lower caste women). Another good example of this is Islamic immigrants in Europe, who guard the chastity of their own womenfolk while taking advantage of the whoredom of the white girls they feel they are conquering. This is the natural order of things. Human females similar to other primates are biologically evolved to be sluts who can take sex from multiple males in the same day. This is something Eastern cultures are well aware of and go to great lengths to both protect their own females from while at the same time take advantage of it. The Bible has a lot of the same thinking.

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KerguelenExileDissident #racist thephora.net

In relating to why White Nationalists don't support Israel it goes back to very simple basis. Jews are actively working to destroy their host societies and it would be suicide to support their activities. It is in their very belief system and religion to undermind and dominate other cultures and civilizations, they are tribal and anyone outside the tribe is a mere animal. HOWEVER it is much more complicated than this. Not all "Jews" believe this and while most do, there is always an individual level to look at things. Next remember the debate internally in Judaism, Most Jews in the West are Liberal Reformed Jews (accounting for 60%) of the Jewish population. These Jews are probably most dangerous and destructive not only to Western Civilization but to themselves as in their own ignorance they are hurting Israel by supporting Liberalism at home. Liberal Judaism itself it's roots in the Enlightenment and is very unique within Jewish tradition. Then we have the more conservative Judaism and Orthodox Judaism which while better in terms of society, they still work within their own tribe.

So the direct problem with Judaism is not their genes, their religion, their culture, but rather it is their belief system ingrained in the Talmud which seeks to destroy their host society. I find it amusing that Ethopian Jews often had huge theological clashes with Jews in Modern Israel because these Jews are so ancient they didn't even have the Talmud, which is the source for most extreme anti-gentile beliefs and actions.

In short I would not blame Jews at all, blame your arrogant identity lacking foolish white race for allowing themselves to be duped so easily. I do think however that given the extreme emergency Western Civilization is in, while I think outright support for Judaism is completely suicidal, I do believe that there can be some kind of deal reach within "certain elements" of Judaism. Namely Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox who reject the Talmudism and adhere strictly to Torah. Those groups out there who finally realize they should help their little goy friends instead of tearing him down, lest they be massacred by marauding hordes of Arabs and Blacks.

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Aldous #racist thephora.net

Not likely, the evolutionary development of the Ashkenazi Jew is far more unique and insidious than that of settled populations. The Jewish religion gifts its adherents with a narcissism absent from just about every other major religious group. They see themselves as the "center of history" and as the "chosen people". This ethnocentrism, combined with their nomadic origins and mongrel composition, made them particularly reek of the otherness as they drifted further into Europe after the fall of their khaganate. The Ashkenazi Jews developed above average verbal intelligence, which is primarily responsible for their success in business and on IQ exams, both as a result of their "bookish" religion (where you must read the Torah to become a man) and eugenically, as they needed to swindle goy (something morally acceptable in their religion and culture) as well as get out of "trouble" in order to adequately leach off of Western society. This essentially developed into a material lust in addition to an envious rage, yet another fragment of the Jewish identity, but I won't delve that deep in this post. Hundreds of years of very close inbreeding and further hostility from gentile populations contributed additional eugenic stress to the genetic disaster that is the group we now call “Ashkenazi Jews”. They are a uniquely degenerate and malicious population and there are both social and biological factors behind their malignant attributes.

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Julian Curtis Lee #conspiracy thephora.net

It was Hitler and Nazism, a cult created by homosexuals, that destroyed Germany.

Interesting that Hitler was financed and created by the Rothschilds et al.
Interesting that Hitler collaborated deeply with Jews to facilitate the filling of Palestine with Jews for the creation of Israel.
Interesting that Hitler had a whole village destroyed without any explanations except to obscure his Jewish birth origins.

Interesting that Zionist Jews themselves collaborated with Hitler about which Jews should be sent to the camps, including those who would not immigrate to Israel.
Interesting that Hitler helped rabbinic and Zionist Jews get rid of the Jews they considered to be deadwood, defectives, etc. and facilitated a tremendous eugenics exercise for themselves.
Then interesting that after Hitler, and the eugenics exercise partly directed by Jews, the Jews became stronger, more competent, more wealthy, and more influential than ever before.

Interesting that Hitler's actions made Israel possible.
Interesting that Germany is completely under the sway of the Jewish multi-cultural agenda today.
Interesting that nazis were the fruit of a homosexual/pedarast Greco-Hellenic subculture in Germany that was fermenting for decades before. Interesting that major founders of nazism were homosexuals and pedarests.


There was nothing Aryan about the violent homosexual creation known as nazism.

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Osmium14 #racist thephora.net

Negroes are disgusting. No matter what skin color or hair color they have. They're still monkeys. If one of these negresses offered sex for free, I would've shoved a stick of dynamite inside her vagina, and lit it with a match, blow her to the moon.

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I am not Larry Silverstein #racist thephora.net

they are no doubt real. i have seen an albino niggerow with my own eyes a few years ago, and the albino ape looked very similar to one of those pictured.
it was a hideous sight, to say the least.

as you can see, skin color ain't what makes a nigger a nigger.
bone structure is more important as to physical appearance. look at people from india. some of them are as shit colored as niggers, and they don't look like niggers.
and NEVER FORGET (oy veh!) that niggerows have thicker skulls and smaller brains than humans. and IQs 15 to 20 points lower than humans, on average.

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Petr #fundie thephora.net

Take notice, theistic evolutionists: fanatical God-hating Darwinists do not really trust anyone who dares to seriously believe in some kind of God. They are considered security risks no matter what.