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What is the real purpose behind this downgrade?
In summary, to make this human energy farm far more efficient and addictive.
Psychopathic managers of this place were in the possession of the exotic technologies like “free” energy, anti-gravity, super computing, robotics, automation, etc. for a while now.
Volumes have been already written about the technocratic agenda and merger of humans with technology, I think it is important to know their plans.
One question arises though, why to keep professed 500 million around if almost virtually everything can be automated with the current technology?
It makes very little sense to bother with such a large population at the end if your goal is to “enjoy” this place to yourself. Perhaps the answer is that they are the managers after all and while they’ve been greatly benefiting from our misery while implementing the owner’s agendas, they cannot overstep their boundaries or else.
Enter the Loosh on Demand human farming construct.
Unfortunately at this point of integration with the technology the possibilities of mind manipulation & control are almost endless. I will leave it to your imagination just how much more of ai induced and manipulated thoughts and emotions Human 2.0 can “produce” on demand.
It is crucial to keep in mind that this is also carrot & stick system like the one we are currently in. That’s why some are already falling for it and the addiction to it would be impossible otherwise.
Perhaps even more important consequence of this construct is greatly extended lifespan leading to much longer enslavement than current average human lifetime.

What will it take for a Selfaware Being to free itself from this form of enslavement?
It is most disgusting and appalling publicly admitted, state sponsored technological mind rape to the young ones I witnessed to date. How much further will it go with nanotech if people consent to injections?