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“Do girls get wet in school shootings?

Mandatory Preface: I am not condoning school shootings. Rather, I am merely inquiring about female biology. We all know that women love attractive, dominant men. Within the context of a school shooting, the shooter is unequivocally the most dominant man (that is, the shooter transcends his current status in the dominance hierarchy and temporarily becomes an ultra-Chad). Given the females close proximity to this ultra-Chad during the shooting, one can reasonably conjecture that the females, although scared for their life, experience extreme sexual arousal and attraction towards the shooter, hoping that perhaps rather than shooting them, the shooter has sexual intercourse with them instead. Is my theory correct? Have studies been conducted on this?”

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I fucking hate women and I'm tired of pretending I don’t

Why is it so taboo for men to hate women, yet women post on social media all the time about how much they hate men? I thought women want equality? Maybe they only want equality whenever it benefits them.

I hate that women forced me to be a 33 year old virgin.

Out of all the billions of women on this planet, none of them wanted to have sex with me.

I went to bars, parties, strip clubs, college campuses, I bought women drinks at bars, I showed interest in them by trying to get to know them more, I went on many dates, but none of those women I talked to ever wanted to have sex with me.

The only reason why some of those women viewed me as creepy, is because I'm ugly.

I love how women say confidence is more important than looks and status, but if that's the case, why didn't any woman want to have sex with me while I was approaching them for 10 fucking years? Why do they act cautious and scared around ugly guys, but they see attractive men on tik tok and dream about meeting up with them and having sex with them? Those tik tok guys are attractive and I'm not.

Why can't women be honest and say that looks matter more than confidence? Why do they lie? I'm seriously sick and tired of cautious picky women.

I'm fucking harmless, I couldn't hurt a fly! Most women nowadays are bigger than most men.

I'm a small skinny guy, so most women are very physically threatening to me.

Years ago, I asked a 300lb woman out and we went on a date.

It seemed to have gone well, but after the date, I asked her what's her opinion on coming back to my place after the first date and she says she doesn't feel comfortable having sex on the first date and I asked why.

I'm tired of women, especially big women, pretending to feel nervous and cautious around dudes that are way smaller than them.

Anyway, I'm a virgin because no woman on this planet finds me attractive enough to want to have sex with me.