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This hero burdened himself with cleaning the Vancouver streets of whores of both the professional and amateur kind and ultimately helped rid the world of 6-49 harlots. Not only did he help the whores end their empty lives but he also put their corpses to good use by using it as fertilizer and feeding it to pigs. Pickton gaves the foids dignity through death.

For more than a decade he did his honorable work without thanks.

He's not dead, but he was punished by corrupt society that protects this degeneracy. Around the time when society was to victimize him, he said, "I made my own grave by being sloppy." I can't blame him: had society not been so sloppy already, he wouldn't have overloaded himself.

The tragic irony is that Pickton had to do the job thanklessly because when talked about it to an undercover cop, he was eventually caught. Had he only been more modest, but that would be a bit too much to ask, and only a truly enlightened saint could be so depersonalized from their altruism.