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[cfc Des: Hitler killed 6 million Jews while Leopold Il of Belgium was responsible for the Murder of over 10 million Africans in Congo and amputated the arms of countless others but one is more recognized than the other.]

Kgomotso Neo Khunou:
Hitler killed yt people... Leopold killed black people, that's the difference.

Notice how anything said against Jews is called antisemitism but there are still people who live openly as racists towards black people and no one bats an eye?

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hilarious to me how a white european is automatically considered semitic if he is jewish, and arabs are never referred to as semitic, but even referred to as anti-semitic at times even though they're literal semitic people racially and culturally unlike israeli occupiers lol.

white people who've been in europe for more than a thousand years are semitic and deserve their place in the middle east, and at the same time arabs who are native to the middle east and are racially and culturally semitic, are considered anti-semitic for bringing that up lmao.

like look at this shit. they think semitism is exclusive to jews and anyone else who talks about that is automatically anti-semitic even if they're literally more semitic than the fake israelis of today.

[QRT: I’m getting extremely tired of non Jews telling me what is, and is not, antisemitism. You’re trying to speak over us, but we, the actual Jews who experience antisemitism, won’t let you. Don’t bother telling me “but Arabs are Semites, so they CAN’T be antisemitic”. I know better.]

a literal american talking about knowing more about anti-semitism than actual semitic people. ok lmao.