Apefricoon Devil and Dixieman #racist chimpmania.com

(in response to a story of a black police officer hand-delivering Christmas gifts to children and the elderly)

(Apefricoon Devil): Nigger-worshipping degenerate morons of Britain's Metropolitan police want you to believe that soulless Apefricoon nigger beasts are "generous" and "kind" "people" who look after and "care" for elderly widows and human children!


British libtards seem determined to outdo their American counterparts in finding new ways for spreading their insane and dangerous coon-worshipping delusions.

(Dixieman): We all know the nigger stole the basket and is trying to con his way into the elderly lady's house so he can get muhdik on. It is a shame that the elderly lady didn't own a couple of nigger hating dobermans.