BlackCirce & OMalley #transphobia

Interesting post on the concept of "forced teaming" used by TRAs on the LGB community
( BlackCirce )
They also don’t explain how denying sex is real helps women or lesbians in the cause against social conservatism.

The way I think of it is imagine there is an enslaved man and a slaver. A third man comes along. The enslaved man says please help me in the cause of freedom.

And the third man says, “certainly, I’ll help free you. Slavery is a mental condition. All you have to do to be free is know you are free in your heart and the slaver can’t hold you anymore.” The third man walks away leaving the enslaved man to get his foot chopped off or his tongue cut out.

ETA ⬇️:

It’s not only that we have no common cause with T, but T actively works against our causes making the “they’re coming for you next” threat meaningless. Conservatives didn’t take away women’s rights to sex segregated bathrooms and prisons: progressives did in the name of trans. Conservatives didn’t take away gay and lesbian rights to affinity groups and spaces: progressives did in the name of trans. Gutting the concepts of sex and sexual orientation so that women and LGB cannot politically advocate for ourselves means that when the time comes for conservatives to overturn big ticket items like gay marriage and women’s suffrage, it will be that much easier.

( OMalley )

We've known since the beginning that the T community is pulled by male narcissism and manipulation, this just puts it together with a shiny red bow on top,

They KNOW they wouldn't be able to get away with half their bullshit if they didn't use the gays as a shield. We know it too, hence their hellbent fury to claim we're one big happy family.

Their manipulation doesn't end there, they undermine the foundations of homosexuality (alongside other letters contrary to the irony), as gender and sexuality cannot exist side-by-side. Their ideology is in conflict with homosexuality, hence the desperation to redefine stagnant orientations to better validate themselves.

Sorry Jessica, you dating a TiM does not make you a lesbian.

Sorry Matthew, you putting on a floral pattern and rocking a bullring doesn't make you a lesbian.

It's disgusting, and the amount of contempt I hold for them is unfathomable.

The gays need to leave, we are taking too much damage from the latter half of the community, they're a liability.



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