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I disagree. Part of the problem is that we need to work against an institutional bias. If we focused on just making everything equal legally, said extralegal bias would remain, so to counter that, the law needs to put its thuimb on the scale a bit.

No. There will always be bias. This is a psychological component of a person. A common example is interracial couples. The human brain immediately perceives this as disgusting, abnormal. A person's beliefs about this topic do not affect the reaction in any way. Real, true, without processing. Same with homosexual couples. No matter what position a person takes, no matter how he supports it, he will subconsciously be disgusted by it. Of course, a person will reject it, or even not understand it.

… (snipped for length)

(snipped for length)

I am for the fact that if people want equality, absolute equality should be given. No "privileges". Otherwise, sooner or later it will turn into the opposite discrimination. Personally, I do not support all these movements, I mean LGBT. However, I understand that the orientation is innate, and therefore it cannot be influenced in any way. I would even compromise: same-sex marriages are allowed, true legal equality is coming, however, any propaganda of non-traditional orientation is prohibited.

Considering that anti-LGBT hate crimes have been on the rise, and conservative states keep trying to take away their rights, I'd say they have good reason to feel under attack, and perhaps oppressed.

And these are just different views on life. In fact, I have little interest in the relationship with LGBT people in other countries.



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