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spoilerRegardless of what @CDCgov votes tomorrow on whether COVID-19 vax are added to routine child immunizations - nothing changes in FL.

Thanks to @GovRonDeSantis, COVID mandates are NOT allowed in FL, NOT pushed into schools, & I continue to recommend against them for healthy kids.

@vaccineregrets I believe that should include all vaccines.

@vaccineregrets Everyone loves Desantis?

He's done nothing to restore the 1st amendment. He's actually signed more antisemitism and hate speech laws, which are unconstitutional, since in office. He traveled to Israel to sign it.

Constitutional carry? LOL. We have to pay and get permission from the state to carry. He likes red flag laws.

Florida is an absolute police state and getting worse by the day. System pigs are more than ready to take away your livelihood.

Desantis pushed the clot shot.

Medical marijuana is highly regulated and expensive in Florida.

The blood and plasma donation centers are accepting the vaccinated.

You still can't go in any medical treatment facilities without a mask.

Desantis is a piece of shit.

ANY parent who STILL intends to vaccinate their child for Covid
IMO, is NOT responsible enough to HAVE children

ANY Health Care professional STILL GIVING C19 vaccines

@vaccineregrets I appreciate it, but now do the rest of the vaccines. My son's pediatrician attempted to give him 3 vaccines at his last appt, one of which was for HPV, and he's only 11. Going to be interesting next year when they try to tell me that he has to have them to enter the next grade. Not happening.


Wipe out an entire generation in a few years.



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