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(The image shows a yarmulke-wearing Stalin and Harry S. Truman, both sitting at a desk bearing a menorah and standing in front of a flag defaced with the Star of David while a hand-rubbing long-nosed Jew stands nearby. They are talking to each other on rotary phones, which also have a Star of David on them)

Stalin: Hello? Comrade Stalin here
Truman: Yes this is Tru-goy. Do you still have all those millions of Ukrainian corpses?
Stalin: Da. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Oy, vey!

(The bottom part of the image shows American and Soviet soldiers, all portrayed as hand-rubbing long-nosed Jews, at a concentration camp making staged Holocaust footage using a pile of Ukrainain[sic] corpses. A sign at the camp says “Hitler Presents… KOSHER VACATION CENTER holocaust camp”. At the bottom, a Soviet commissar is standing next to a wheelchair-bound Jew. The text “The goyim will never know…” is written below the pair)



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