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The President Biden Farce Is OVER, Approval Drops To THIRTY ONE PERCENT Among Independent Voters

Steve Bannon says this is it, the Biden administration is done. I completely agree. Joe Biden didn't get elected, Donald Trump was anti-elected. Enthusiasm against Trump was equally as high as enthusiasm for trump. Biden wasn't selected by the people for his leadership skills, of course not. The Atlantic said "Stay alive Joe Biden, all we need is your corporeal form." and I'm not exaggerating, it's actually an article from the Atlantic, and here we are.

I have witnessed a transformation among people I've known and trusted for a long time. Among family members, who used to be fun, smiles, barbecues, and they have become zealous, psychotic, rage-filled hate mongers. You've seen it, haven't you, all of a sudden people you knew just, insulting you, and, deriding you and calling you a maggot.

I'm like, did you see the change happen in these people? Yes, the hatred has boiled up so much in their hearts, I absolutely believe they voted for Joe Biden not because they like Biden or want him, because they hate you, and they hate Donald Trump.

And so I absolutely can believe it when I was shocked to see skateboarders who I had known, who never cared about politics, just all of a sudden spewing vile, disgusting things. Look at what they say about COVID victims, they're like "I hope they die," it's scary isn't it, when you see people saying f you, screw you, I don't care anymore the embracing of authoritarianism. Yes, yeah I can believe it. I look forward to seeing what happens with some of these audits but, the vile hatred, man.

The Presidency is over, the people are seeing through it, how can Biden recover from this. Now they're starting to realize the incompetence and failures of this man, so, yeah, absolutely. We'll see how that manifests in the recall, in the coming election in 2022.



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