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(Note: This is from 2014. - Bastethotep)

fstdt.com Struts Their Stuff

Until today I wasn't aware of fstdt.com ("Fundies Say The Darndest Things") where Atheists and skeptics can have a safe harbor in which to ridicule that which they take out of context. Actually there is a link to context, but no one seems to have used it in my case. It's the sort of snake pit where the target du jour is countered with comments like "asshole", and the standard logic errors which they insist are the logical answers to the "idiot" they are trashing.

It pretty much confirms my suspicion regarding the maturity level of the common Atheist (and I continue to capitalize that which is a religion, replete with churches, preachers, rules not to be disobeyed (political correctness enforced with ridicule and excommunication), icons (Darwin, Dawkins), and recently found - the Atheist religious moral document source: Harry Potter.

For a look at the amazing intellectual level demonstrated, go here. It's a good laugh. But remember, they really do think that way (at that age; many probably grow up eventually).

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Never forget: The Democrat Party was founded on racism: its sole purpose for formation was to perpetuate slavery of blacks. It fomented the Civil War in order to protect slavery. When it lost the war, it formed Jim Crow segregation and the KKK, both of which persisted for roughly a century. Then, in response to the Republican Civil Rights Act of 1964, LBJ created the welfare plan with the Orwellian name, War on Poverty, to perpetuate blacks in poverty and also make them perpetually dependent Democrats... and the blacks fell for it, even making some of their own blacks into their racist Democrat oppressors. The 60's Leftists were first to shriek "white privilege" while calling white babies "pigs" needing termination. Racism, the root of the Democrat Party, became a Leftist tool and it has been wielded with characteristic Leftist violence. Trump will be claimed as inspiration for all sorts of summer-time "racial" protest-violence intended to shut up the opposition by denying them speech venues, as happened in Chicago.

The violence against freedom (speech and assembly) is wholly predictable, because it is in the genetics of the Left, and has always been there historically. It is the party of race tyrants. It will not change now.


Black Lives Matter, otoh is purely racist against all whites; the intent is to instill a new cultural standard for black ghettos: drugs, gangs, theft and killing are now black cultural standards which whites may not interfere with or try to control. The new standard is black separatism, i.e., the new segregation into a subnation which is inaccessible to whites (or browns). This already exists in certain blue model cities in the USA, where whites dare not go, and cops dare not arrest.

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On a final note, let me explain one aspect of this very slowly for the less socially adept atheists. Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that you are correct and that there is no God. We shall suppose that you are right and I am wrong. Let us also suppose, again for the sake of argument, that I am more beautiful than you are. Now, neither your being more right than I am nor my being more beautiful than you are has to have any affect on how we regard the other living his life. But how would you look at me if I went so far as to define and label who I am as being "not ugly like you"? What would you say if I asked you if there was anything I could say about your relative lack of beauty when compared to me that would not make you look at me with revulsion? And why do you think you can do that sort of thing to believers without suffering the obvious social consequences?

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He does not answer when people cry out because of the arrogance of the wicked. Indeed, God does not listen to their empty plea; the Almighty pays no attention to it. How much less, then, will he listen when you say that you do not see him....
- Job 35:12-14

"The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God."
- John 1:9-12

Or, to put it in omniderigent terms, atheists are among the vessels made to be broken.

The combination of ignorance, epistemic incoherence, and ill-founded arrogance that is necessary to label oneself an atheist is as distasteful to the average individual as it is contemptible to the intellectual. When one combines those qualities with the social autism and hate-filled evangelicalism that is all too commonly displayed by atheists, it is a wonder that they are tolerated as much as they are. All evangelicalism is not the same. If someone is attempting to save you from fiery destruction, their intentions toward you are clearly good. If, on the other hand, someone is attempting to kick the crutch upon which you are leaning out from under you, their intentions are clearly evil.

Few, if any, believers are hostile to people who simply don't believe in God on the mere basis of their not sharing the believer's beliefs. Pity is the much more common attitude. But hostility towards anti-religious, untrustworthy individuals with evil intentions is not only explicable, it is entirely justified. ...

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From “Tom Hanks and History”

“History was mostly written by white people about white people like me, while the history of Black people — including the horrors of Tulsa — was too often left out.” — actor Tom Hanks, in a New York Times op-ed titled “Tom Hanks: You Should Learn the Truth About the Tulsa Race Massacre,” June 4, 2021.

Why do you think Black “history” was left out, Tom? This is just a guess, but maybe it was because The United States of America is a White Western country that was founded and built by White Western people [1]. Maybe it’s because Black people have given the world nothing worth writing about — in fact, Blacks can be called “a failed race” (just look at Africa). In 2,000 years, Blacks have accomplished nothing. In 2,000 years, White people have invented, and re-invented (i.e., the computer age) the world. Whites have been giving Blacks welfare payments since 1964 and Blacks still barely function on a human level (look at Atlanta, Detroit or Baltimore). After decades of federal and state welfare payments (often 4 different types!), Blacks still hate us and murder us daily; they riot and loot in the streets when a cop is forced to shoot a negro felon who had an arrest record 30 pages long; what do these “people” want anyway? There is no pleasing them or living with them [2]. Indeed, since the 1960s, Blacks have become more violent and more demanding.

[Op-Ed by Hanks].

Jacob Harrison #psycho #fundie fandom-fanon.fandom.com

[From “The Tragedy of Bastethotep”]

Now Bastethotep was an obese man who struggled to find true love. One day at the grocery store, he found an attractive woman who was wearing a shirt of the biology company she worked at. He thought that at last, he found his future scientist wife. He had an erection.

His erect penis stuck out in his pants and the woman noticed. “Gross!” she said and walked away.

Bastethotep was in despair that he was rejected and he stomped his foot. Being obese, he lost his balance and crashed into the meat section. The manager came out and was furious.

“We will either sue you for damages in court or you can make up for it by doing me a favor by helping me in the meat packaging room put back.”

“I’ll do you the favor,” said Bastethotep relieved that he could avoid being sued.

In the meat packaging room, the manager pointed to the meat grinder and said, “Since you ruined the meat, we will turn you into meat.”

And Bastethotep was shoved into the meat grinder and made into hamburgers and hot dogs. Customers thought that they were just eating normal beef and pork. ...

While burning in hell for not accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior and repenting of his sins, Bastethotep thought that at least his murderers would get sent to hell to. But then he saw a vision of an evangelist doing jail ministry convincing the manager and his accomplices to repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. May this story be taught as a lesson of God’s infinite mercy, that he sent his son to die for you, so that no matter what evil deed you did, you can be forgiven if you repent during your lifetime. If you committed a crime and haven’t been caught, then you must atone by turning yourself in.

Brett Stevens #sexist #wingnut amerika.org

[Legalize Rape III]

… My point was that consensual casual sex treats sex as a commodity and makes choice of partner arbitrary, which means that we should no longer treat rape as the life-wrecking crime it once was, but as a lesser crime related to theft.

That blew up the SJWsphere. My Facebook account was deleted ... I was unfriended by all sorts of people on social media. I had transgressed the ultimate boundary, sinned the ultimate sin, and was destined to be exiled from the good graces of good people forevermore.

Except that I was right, as a sex worker admits:

“If sex is just a service, then rape is just theft. If sex is to be equated with any other service, then we cannot complain about the rape of a woman in prostitution any differently than we could complain about someone having their sink fixed and not paying the plumber.”

“Rape is disappeared here. In ‘sex work’ ideology, we are dealing with theft, not rape.”

When women stayed virginal for marriage, rape was a terrible and destructive crime.

Now that women are far from virginal by marriage and proud of this fact, and having sex constantly, rape looks more like “unrewarded services” instead of a life-wrecking act.

What this means in converse is that casual sex is the equivalent of rape: it destroys their lives, but by their own hands, and their quest for a scapegoat is why feminists are angsty about rape despite being unlikely to face it in their lifetimes.

If women stopped getting blind drunk and having sex, most “rapes” would vanish. But as long as they engage carelessly in casual sex, a few of the wrong penises are going to sneak into the great stack of dongs they will have given entry by the time they hit “the wall” in their late 30s.

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White people invent & forget.
Yellow people copy & remember.
Black people do neither.

Even worse: Black people DESTROY.

Go look at the wonderful condition of that basketball hoop
Whitey gave the nigger for his playground in the ghetto.

[Tim McGreen]
White people invent & forget.
Yellow people copy & remember.
Black people do neither.
Jewish people make all the money yet they still whine.

[Franklin Ryckaert]
Right,but why do you call them Jewish PEOPLE?

Another old saying:
A White man finds a spring of water in a desert and builds an oasis; the Yellow man finds an oasis and carefully maintains it; the Black man finds an oasis and turns it back into a desert.

The jew cannot destroy by himself, he needs willing White traitors and Black/Brown foot soldiers.

Here’s a good one!

Give a White a hammer he will build a house and invent some new techniques.

Give a yellow a hammer and he will make millions of them and go on making them until a White tells him to make something else.

Give a brown a hammer and he will use it to beat his wife.

Give a black a hammer and he will use it to kill a White.

Give a jew a hammer and he will give it to a black.

Or… Give a white a hammer and hell hire a brown to use it.

Give a yellow a hammer and hell hire a brown to use it.

Give a brown a hammer and Hell use it to break into your car.

Give a black a hammer and hell try to rape it!

Give a jew a hammer and hell turn it into a multi million dollar scheme…

‘oy vey,dis vas da hammer dat vas used by the evil (insert current made up nazi here) who single handedly killed 666,666 jews with it. Oh g-d de atrocity,de humanity!!!

[Paul Kersey]
Black people??? Those two words are contradictory.

Chloe352 #racist #wingnut o9a.org

In the old days, “Equity,” as in “Class Equity,” did not mean “Class Equality.” It meant that because the Peasants were poor and did not have land or money, then you take land and money from the rich bourgeois class, and give it to the peasants.

Equity, as in Racial Equity, means that if you have a skinny White girl and a fat Black girl who were both hungry, and there was only one chocolate cake: you would give most of that cake to the fat Black bitch because: 1) she’s Black and Black people have suffered a lot, 2) the fat Black bitch eats more food than the White girl, & 3) therefore, it’s only fair and right to give the fat Black bitch more of the cake.

Brett Stevens #sexist #pedo #psycho amerika.org

Let’s say your daughter is eleven. She is 1.5 years away from menstruation, if she’s an average girl. She is 5.3 years away from her first sexual experience, on average. But that’s not to say it won’t happen sooner. ... Are you ready to even think about this?

... another question ... a real doozy:

What type of sexual experience do you want your daughter to have?

... what kind of life experience do you want her to have? ...


Everything fits into a new context when it’s your kid. When do you want her to have her first anal gangbang? Your princess, penetrated by many penises. What about her first bukkake? Her first one-night sexual encounter with some guy whose name she forgets by morning? Her first anonymous blowjob at a blindfold party? What about her first three-way, and double penetration?

Your little princess. What kind of future do you want for her?

You can hide beyond, “Whatever she chooses, they’re all equal,” for only so long. At some point you realize there’s a number line between the drunk cocktail waitress aging without grace and taking home whatever man she can grab, and the nuclear family with a loving husband and stability and kindness.

But of course, you don’t get that outcome by sleeping around. In fact, you’re mostly likely to get it by being the 31% of American women who have only one sex partner in their lives. When you haven’t experienced others, you hold nothing over your husband or wife. You give it all to them. There is trust and love uninterrupted by fear and cynicism.

The scary thing is that we all know this underneath our cynical outer selves. Inwardly, we long for the fairy tale. …

You know what you want for your little princess. You’re afraid to say it because it will break a social taboo. …

MadMonarchist #wingnut #fundie madmonarchist.blogspot.com

[From “A Monarchist Hero for Today”]

Joan of Arc had her priorities in order; to restore the king, expel the foreigners, unite the country and obey God. If you believe (and I do) that she was on a divine mission from God, this means that these were also the priorities of the Almighty, which is something anyone claiming to be any sort of Christian should take very seriously. She did not hate the English, she pleaded with them to leave peacefully, even to join with her in fighting heretics and unbelievers, but she was adamant that France belonged to the French and not to the English. The wellbeing of her people was more important to her than the wellbeing of foreigners. She fought for her king, even if he was not the ideal monarch. I am sure it would have been easier to fight for someone like King Louis IX but a St Louis is rare, Charles VII was the man God had placed in her life. She fought for him anyway and if he or the Church did not do what they were supposed to, that was up to God to deal with. All she could do is show them the way and that is exactly what she did. This is important for monarchists today to learn from. If you are not happy with modern monarchs currently reigning or in exile, I sympathize but a King Edward III, Louis IX or Otto the Great are rare and if you are waiting for the ideal king to come along and save civilization for you, I am afraid you will be waiting for a very long time.

Joan of Arc did not wait. She took action. But, you may be saying, she was a saint and had God on her side. True, but who is to say God is not on your side too? God spoke to Joan of Arc, God may be speaking to you too but you just are not LISTENING!

MadMonarchist #wingnut madmonarchist.blogspot.com

[From “Rebutting Republican Myths”]

Time and time again history has shown that the end of monarchy makes things worse for a country, not better. In France it resulted in the “Reign of Terror” that saw tens of thousands of people get their heads chopped off. In Russia, the loss of the monarchy allowed the Bolsheviks to take power who then created the Soviet Union which spread oppression around the world and murdered millions of people. In China the result was a chaotic period of warlord rule followed by the bloodiest civil war in human history and then a communist dictatorship that took the lives of 60 million people. The end of monarchy in Germany and Austria resulted in divided republics that allowed Adolf Hitler to come to power, devastate the continent and butcher 9 million people. The fall of the Shah of Iran allowed a radical theocracy to take power that has spread terrorism around the world and brutally oppressed its own people. These are only a few of the examples that could be cited and the facts are inarguable.

Vijay Prozak #racist anus.com

[From “Racial Marxism”]

Some would even suggest that caste-mixing is the source of origin of the Middle Eastern peoples, who are known worldwide for their cunning in salesmanship and devious business practices, but are nowhere held up as paragons of social design or ethical virtue.

Vijay Prozak #racist #crackpot anus.com

[From “Racial Marxism”]

It is important to remember that culture is something ingrained in heritage. Each individual carries within them a record of the decisions made by all of their ancestors, and in each generation, a branching occurs that creates a child specialized for a different way of tackling the world. Those that do not survive are no longer present in the bloodline, and therefore all future descendants specialize in a different direction. Germans prefer German culture not as much because they were brought up with it (the "nurture" hypothesis) but because it shaped their ancestors, and as a result, they have genetic tendencies to act in that manner (the "nature" hypothesis). Genetics do indeed rule our lives: identical twins, raised apart, live similar lives and pick similar mates. The children of genius parents are more likely to be genius. People raised in entirely alien cultures since birth revert to the behavior patterns in thought common to their original country. Genetics is our programming, and the programmer is natural selection, over many generations. When one mixes unrelated tribes or races or castes, one obliterates thousands of years of programming by forcing the recombination process to find compromises between many unrelated traits. This is why the sages of ancient Greece, Rome and India all cautioned against not only admitting foreigners (other races) but also warned against mixing castes; it produced people with the intellectual and physical abilities of the higher rank, but the "base" behavioral instincts of the lower, and thus most of those ended up being incredibly crafty criminals.

Vijay Prozak #wingnut anus.com

[From “Anti-Semitism”]

Similarly, I've thrown out all of the bigoted propaganda I found in any form, including my copies of Noam Chomsky's work, various neo-Nazi tracts, and the writings of Francis Fukuyama. All of them have a one-size-fits-all approach to the world, and want to make me and everyone else conform to it. I think this is passive, and cowardly. My view instead is that I assert my right to have a preference for my culture, and I pick traditional Indo-European culture, and in that ethnocultural unit, there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. There's a right way to interpret philosophy, which hovers somewhere on the Nietzsche-Schopenhauer-Heidegger axis, and a right way to interpret literature so that it upholds our culture values. There's a right way to interpret music, so that Beethoven does not become schmaltz but preserves the full Faustian, Romantic, passionate and terrifying spirit of confronting reality - in the Germanic view. And finally, there's a right way to interpret ethnicity, which is to exclude all people who are not of Germanic ethnic and cultural heritage. You must have both; one alone ("I'm German and I like to smoke methamphetamine, vote Democratic, and have sex with many women at once") doesn't qualify. You must be both German in cultural outlook, and thus behavior, and in ethnicity, or heritage. Is this bigotry? On the contrary, it's bigotry to reject this view.

Literal Grammar Nazi Award

Bill Vallicella #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #quack #racist #wingnut maverickphilosopher.typepad.com

Is Grammar Racist?

It has to be. Whatever blacks and other 'people of color' are not good at is racist; blacks and other 'people of color' are not good at grammar; ergo, etc. This also explains why logic, mathematics, natural science, chess, self-control, self-reliance, deferral of gratification, pulling up your pants, etc. are all racist.

It is also clear that in this Age of Pan-Racism, when everything is racist, grammar, etc. is racist. Racism is itself racist!

Seriously, the Rutgers English Department is in dire need of 'cancellation' or at least fumigation. Here:

In short, the Rutgers English Department wants to make sure that students who come to Rutgers with a poor grasp of standard written English not only remain in that state, but come to believe that learning standard English is a concession to racism. I remember when keeping "people of color" ignorant was considered part of white supremacy.

Christopher Langan #crackpot #quack #racist facebook.com

"Koko was believed to have had an IQ of between 75 and 95 and could sign more than 1,000 words. The average IQ of a human is around 90 to 110. She also understood spoken English."

According to the "30 point rule" of psychometrics [as proposed by pioneering psychometrician Leta S. Hollingworth], Koko's elevated level of thought would have been all but incomprehensible to nearly half the population of Somalia (average IQ 68). Yet the nations of Europe and North America are being flooded with millions of unvetted Somalian refugees who are not (initially) kept in cages despite what appears to be the world's highest rate of violent crime.

Obviously, this raises a question: Why is Western Civilization not admitting gorillas? They too are from Africa, and probably have a group mean IQ at least equal to that of Somalia. In addition, they have peaceful and environmentally friendly cultures, commit far less violent crime than Somalians, and with minor modifications to Western education systems, can easily be taught to use language.

Why are these gentle creatures, who have been threatened with genocide for decades, not being taken in by Western nations as refugees despite the indisputable fact that they are teetering on the edge of extinction in their homelands?

Can this be called humane or compassionate? What on Earth is going on here?

[Some of you might wonder whether this is a joke. The truth is that I'm not quite sure..]

Eric Rudolph #crackpot #fundie #wingnut archive.decaturdaily.com

[From “Eric Rudolph's manifesto”]

Abortion is murder. And when the regime in Washington legalized, sanctioned and legitimized this practice, they forfeited their legitimacy and moral authority to govern. ... in January of 1973 the government in Washington decided to descend into barbarism by sanctioning the ancient practice of infanticide by that act consigned 50 million unborn children to their graves. There is no more legitimate reason to my knowledge, for renouncing allegiance to and if necessary using force to drag this monstrosity of a government down to the dust where it belongs.

I am not an anarchist. I have nothing against government or law enforcement in general. It is solely for the reason that this govt (sic) has legalized the murder of children that I have no allegiance to nor do I recognize the legitimacy of this particular government in Washington.

Because I believe that abortion is murder, I also believe that force is justified and in an attempt to stop it. Because this government is committed to the policy of maintaining the policy of abortion and protecting it, the agents of this government are the agents of mass murder, whether knowingly or unknowingly. And whether these agents of the government are armed or otherwise they are legitimate targets in the war to end this holocaust, especially those agents who carry arms in defense of this regime and the enforcement of its laws. This is the reason and the only reason for the targeting of so-called law enforcement personnel.

Pastor David L. Brown, Ph.D. #fundie #quack wayoflife.org

Pokémon has supernatural powers. ... And what is the source of this power? It is the pantheistic power of the occult, not the supernatural power of God. I have found two cards that make this very clear (there are likely more). They are Abra and Kadabra. Yes, these are their actual names. "Abrakadabra" (or abracadabra) has been a word long associated with occult magic. ... It is no accident that the two Pokémon called Abra and Kadabra are psychic cards with magical powers.
On the Abra card we read "Using its ability to read minds, it will identify impending danger and teleport to safety." Then there are the occult symbols on Kadabra. He has a pentagram on his forehead, SSS on his chest and he is giving the Satanic salute with his left hand. All of the above have strong occult significance. It is clear from the Bible (Deuteronomy 18:10-12) that we are neither to participate in nor associate with activities related to the occult.
... To be sure it is a game, but a game that does not glorify God! When God says something is wrong, it is wrong regardless of what form it is in. Not only that, but many of the kids who play this game are seduced into believing the principles that the game subtly teaches. ...
Listen, kids are carrying around their Pokémon like a magic talisman. Author and researcher Berit Kjos tells of a mom who overheard two boys discussing their little pocket monsters. As the conversation developed one boy said, "I'll just use my psychic powers." It was clear that the so called fantasy world of Pokmon had already conditioned this boys thinking to be receptive to a key occult doctrine - psychic powers!
Pokémon promotes occult values, not biblical values and therefore should be rejected!

Varg Vikernes #elitist #wingnut burzum.org

What happens then, to all Norwegians who work, is that the state takes most of the money they earn, in form of extremely high taxes (my father payed more than 60% taxes at one point in his career!). In return the state provides them with everything they need; roads, police, a fire department, hospitals and so forth. The welfare system takes care of everyone. You are poor? No problem, the state will help you! You are sick? No problem, the state will help you! You cannot read or write properly? No problem, the state will take care of you! You are depressed? No problem, the state will help (medicate) you! (You want to die? No! You are not allowed to; you belong to the state!) Your car has been stolen? No problem, the state will help you! The car was completely smashed by the car thief? No problem, the state will help you! You have children? No problem, the state will raise them for you! Your children are not Marxists? No problem, the state will indoctrinate them for you! And so forth. The state needs all those tax money because the state takes care of everything! And don't you dare do anything yourself!

If you indeed try to do anything by yourself in Norway you are severely punished for it. Private business? Hell no! Tax them to death! You want to build your own house? Hell no! That is illegal in Norway unless you first attend a state controlled "house building course", lead of course by one of those losers who otherwise would have been unemployed. (This is by the way a good example of an "articifial job".) You want to protect yourself from physical assault, by beating up the assailant? Hell no! Go to prison you damn violent brute! You want to protect that woman being raped in the street over there? Hell no! We have a police for a reason! You beat up a rapists in action? That is assault; go to prison! You win a fist fight (even if you were attacked)? Go to prison! You lose a fist fight (even if you are the aggressor)? Poor, you; we will hold your hand...

Socrates #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #wingnut vanguardnewsnetwork.com

Worthless Brown Potatoes, Shut Up

Seen on the web:

“It’s quite interesting to witness the development of a new right that only applies to non-whites and that is the right to not be offended. Basically, it’s alright to offend white people with bigoted terms like “white privilege” and “racist” but it’s a crime against humanity for white people to use the n word or to criticize people because they happen to be non-white.”

Whites invented the world, so if non-Whites don’t like Whites, they can go pound sand. We’ll take the world back, and then where will the worthless, non-productive Brown potatoes be? No electricity, no A/C, no cars, no clocks, no airplanes, no computers, no TV, no radio, etc. The worthless Brown potatoes would be back in the dark ages without Whites. The Brown potatoes better shut up and show some respect. We made the world. We gave you Brown potatoes democracy and what did you do with it? You can’t even run a country. Mexico?? A turd in a punch bowl. Central America? Ditto. Africa?? An entire continent run by hopeless retards. And you call Whites “trouble”?? You’re all a shit smear on the underwear of humanity.

Bill Vallicella #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist maverickphilosopher.typepad.com

[From “'Systemic Racism' is a Vicious, Hate-America, Leftist Myth”]

The Democrat Party is a party of race-hustlers. Clear proof of this is their endlessly repeated lie about 'systemic' or 'structural' or 'institutional' racism. David Horowitz, Big Agenda (Humanix, 2017), p. 51:

While institutional or systemic racism has been illegal in America for 50 years, the 2016 Democratic Party platform promises that "Democrats will fight to end institutional and systemic racism in our society." There is no evidence that such racism actually exists. It is asserted in a sleight of hand that attributes every statistical disparity affecting allegedly "oppressed" groups to prejudice against them because of their identity. This "prejudice," however, is a progressive myth. This is not to say that there aren't individuals who are prejudiced. But there is no systemic racism in America's institutions, and if there is, it is already illegal and easily remedied.

The Dem's race-obsession is an amazing thing to behold. With every passing day it becomes more insane. An Asian man becomes the focus of a controversy because his surname 'Lee,' which is a mere sound-preserving transliteration of some Asian characters, reminds some idiots of Robert E. Lee. Soon thereafter, a banana peel ignites a controversy at Ole Miss. One can only hope that the Dems keep it up and destroy themselves. They have found that playing the race card has gotten them what they want in many cases. But they need to think twice about transforming every card in the deck into a race card. For while the leaders of the party are extremists, many of the rank and file retain a modicum of common sense.

Gic Serry #racist #wingnut #fundie faithandheritage.com

[From “The Russian Government Discourages Interracial Sex During the World Cup”]

A senior member of Russia’s parliament, and head of the committee for family and children, warned Russian women on the eve of the World Cup, not to sleep with foreign tourists.

Tamara Pletneva said in a radio interview yesterday that Russian women who fornicate with foreigners during the World Cup risk becoming single mothers to mixed-race children:

We should be giving birth to our own children. . . . It’s the children who suffer . . . and have suffered since the Soviet era. It’s lucky if they’re the same race (as the mother) but if they’re of another race, it’s worse.

It is encouraging to see Russian officials beginning to publicly speak about racial issues with common sense and against the prevailing cultural Marxist sentiments that have become almost untouchable in the public domain in most Western (especially Western European) countries.

Speaking of Western European countries, I won’t be rooting for my motherland, Germany, during the competition, and I would discourage all Christian nationalists from supporting the teams from England and France. Why root for multiracial teams advocating their government’s anti-Christian agenda, when you can root for Christian national (i.e. völkisch) teams like Poland, whose captain, Bundesliga superstar Robert Lewandowski, openly declares his faith in Christ?

Vijay Prozak #racist #wingnut anus.com

I don't like democracy. I don't believe everyone has equal aptitude for the kind of decisions required to run a nation or even a town, and thus I believe most voices should be silenced on those issues. Every person has some area where their judgment alone is supreme, and only reality judges whether they succeed or fail (for some, such as bomb defusers, the judgment is swift and absolute). I don't believe all "whites" should somhow be lauded just for having a certain amount of heritage; that's democracy. If we breed the best of each white tribe and throw out the rest, we increase the aptitude of those who remain.

People act like politics is rocket science, and that it's a raison d'etre for their individual lives as "activists" or "compassionate, forward-thinking people," but really that's a hoax. Politics has never changed. The crowd always wants power, and with that power, they'll destroy any who rise above the lowest common denominator. Each people (nation) needs its own place, because without it, their unique culture and contribution to learning is lost. I would grant each its own space, and send the mixed race people to the Middle East, as traditionally has occurred. There, they will produce their own society, one that will undoubtedly resemble Judaism, itself a product of cultural and racial and caste-mixing.

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[From “Common Sense Apostle & Cigar Smoking Mystic: CHESTERTON'S DEFENSE OF THE FAITH AND THE FAMILY”]

The world, you would think, should be full of subjects, but today’s journalists seem to be groping in the dust and in the dark. There is a reason, however, why they aim so low and still miss. They are avoiding something. Chesterton, who wrote about everything, said “There is only one subject.” But most columnists and criers haven’t figured out what that subject is. Consider the subjects to which we are subjected, the yawning range of yawns: Public Access. Recovering Prairies. Playing Survival. Surviving Playtime. Inclusive Language. Intrusive Non-Language. Deconstructed Dialects. Designer Dogs. De-neutered Dolls. Deadbeat Dads. Deadend Kids. Drug-dealing Doctors. Disgruntled Doctors. Disgruntled Drug-dealers. Even though they don’t promise much, they still promise more than they deliver.

The points they make are so small and so insignificant that it hardly matters that they are wrong—which they usually are—and trying to take them on in meaningful debate would seem to be a waste of time and effort. But avoiding the debate is to play into their hands, because avoiding the argument is a way of avoiding the truth. Their arguments as they stand are a conscious and studied avoidance of the truth, words calculated not to deceive so much as to distract.

They avoid the truth because they avoid God.

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[From “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”]

This strikes me as the fairest statement to homosexuals: you are a minority whose sexual practices are abhorrent to the majority, so the best deal we can work out is that you do not tell us what you are doing sexually, and we do not discuss it, but you are left alone as a consequence.

Clinton called this “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and it has been the traditional WASP policy for homosexuals. We prevent people from beating them up in the streets, let them have oyster bars and districts, but basically never talk about it. It seems like stuck-up WASP stuffiness, but really it is a practical compromise that allows us to coexist with them.

After all, coexistence is a two-way street. We tolerate their behavior so long as it stays in the bedroom (or oyster bar) and they recognize our need to keep society oriented toward chaste heterosexual family unions. Both parties win this way.

Our other option is the see-saw. One group gains power, smashes down the other, then guilt arrives, so the process repeats in reverse. This means that homosexuals get Pride parades for a little while, then they all get burned in barns, and then we go back to the Pride parades until everyone is exhausted of the process.

Like someone who grows weed in his backyard and smokes it in his basement, homosexuals do not harm society so long as they keep their activities (relatively) out of sight. This means no Pride parades, but it also means no gay-bashing. Everyone wins this way.

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[From “Surviving Multiculturalism”]

Diversity means having different groups coexisting; however, in order for them to remain different groups, they can't merge (our media and institutes of higher learning seem to have forgotten this part). As I once put it to a homosexual gentleman, diversity means that I don't think much about what you do in your bedroom, but it also means that you don't begrudge me the right to make gay jokes and be repelled by sodomy, because to a heterosexual, such behavior would be a disastrous submission and loss of masculinity. I respect his "difference," but he has to respect mine. The same applies to different ethnic groups. To acknowledge their difference is to recognize that participation in that group is limited to members of that group, and now matter how "authentic African art" we buy at Wal-Mart, we're still members of our own.

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[From “Home of the Atheidiot”, written in 2007]

This atheidiot clearly doesn't know that "atheist" Sweden had a state Lutheran church until 2000. Even today, only 23 percent of Swedes believe that there is not "any sort of spirit, god, or life force". That's why Sweden is only dying out instead of actively killing itself.

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[From “The illogically optimistic atheist”]

I actually agree that a secular person who does right of his own accord is an inherently better person than a believer who does right out of the fear of God. The tragedy of the irrational atheist is that he usually is a genuinely decent individual; it is his own decency that blinds him to the corruption and evil in the hearts of others.

On a societal level, atheism does little harm when it is limited to an abstract-minded elite. But unleashing it on the more carnally minded masses is a recipe for disaster, as both Voltaire and Socrates recognized. What is ironic is that it is actually atheism which is the optimist's fairy tale; Christianity, on the other hand, is a grimly realistic faith which requires the willingness to stare squarely into the abyss and not shirk from what looks back.

Don't get me wrong. I may disagree with them and mock them at times, but I quite like irrational atheists. It's the rational ones who scare me, such as the nihilistic Chinese gentleman who wrote the following words:

Heaven brings forth innumerable things to help man.
Man has nothing with which to recompense Heaven.
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

The reference to Heaven notwithstanding, this is not the composition of a Deist. This is the desperation of a rational man who lacks both faith and Mr. Rasmussen's utilitarian edifice, who sees no reason not to unleash his empty bitterness and fury upon his fellow man.

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[“Legalize Rape, revisited”]

Feminists, being the ideological blockheads they are, have been screaming for years to reduce rape from a crime requiring violent submission of the victim to an issue of mere choice. But the violence has a purpose: it provides a trail of evidence.

Evidence, you see, is how civilized societies determine culpability. With the definition of rape as a mere revocation or unclear consent, there is no trail of evidence. Under the feminist rule, a man accused would be a man convicted, every time.
That is an obvious injustice.

The equal injustice however occurs in cases of actual rape. ...


This is a sick comedy where 18th century morals are used to justify destroying a man’s life for a crime without evidence.

This is why we should legalize rape, if our citizens are so foolish as to insist that casual sex remain accepted.

Make it a property crime. She has gone to the club to have sex; that fact is undisputed. She either revoked consent or he never achieved it; either way, it is not a case of her virtue and marriageability being destroyed, but that she had sex with the wrong man.

She is thus entitled to some monetary compensation equal to the value of what is lost. But it is no longer virtue being lost, more like a few hours of time. Pay her at the day rate.

Yes, that is cold and many of you are outraged. But your outrage is a sham. It is the outrage of someone who has been living in denial. This is the face of casual sex: sex is cheap and consent is cheap, and so rape should not be an expensive and life-destroying crime.

This outrages feminists who are secret authoritarians who desire any power they can have, believing that having external power will assuage their internal void of soul. Not so, ladies.

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[From “Racism or the Tao?”]

"Do not be a racist" might be classified as one precept within the "Law of General Beneficence."  Lewis argued (quoting Confucius!) that a single law cannot stand alone, but derives validity from the whole.  

The fact that you obsess on one narrow statute, and forget the Tao from which it gains validity, reflects both moral progress and regress.  

Your concern about racism reflects progress, because the ancient Romans seldom recognized a duty to the poor and marginalized.  In his magisterial work Dominion, historian Tom Holland argues that our care for those on the margins of society comes from the Judeo-Christian tradition, in particular the teachings and life of Jesus.  I think one can find buds promising a similar blossoming on the stems of early Buddhism (the Dhammapada), the writings of Mozi, and to lesser degrees Confucius and Lao Zi, along with Greek and Roman Stoics.  (And the ethical nursery where Jesus no doubt picked up his own shoots before nurturing them to verdant blooms, the Hebrew prophets.)

But what all these pre-scientific thinkers held in common were well-stocked tool belts, not one sad hammer with which to pound like Bam Bam Rubble.      

The Tao encourages no narrow obsession.  Whether in Stoic, Buddhist, Confucian, or Christian forms, it provides a vastly richer and more positive worldview than either "Black Lives Matter" or even the New Ten Commandments hanging from my neighborhood church. 

The Tao allowed for progress, Lewis insisted.  Where feet were bound or widows burnt, followers of Jesus brought it.  The Tao may be as universal as the sky, but like the universe itself, it creates space for seekers of truth to expand into.  

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[From “Biden’s new war”]

President Trump achieved a remarkable development in the Middle East with the “Abraham Accords”, bringing peace, trade, and – even more amazing – good will between Israel and several Arab states. A new era had dawned, in which a settlement of the Palestinian problem was for the first time in a hundred years genuinely possible.

Then along came the crooked “Biden administration” and undid all the good President Trump and his envoy Secretary of State Pompeo had done. “Biden” gave billions to the terrorist group Hamas, and released billions to the mullahs of Iran, who fund not only Hamas but terrorist attacks everywhere in the region.

It was not just encouragement to Hamas to make war on Israel, it was a signal to do so. The Democrats’ anti-Israel White House did everything it could to undo the Trump achievements and return to the disastrous policies of Obama, with greater intensity.

And it is Israel who is blamed for the war! As usual.

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[From “Eric Rudolph's manifesto”]

Understandably the majority of Americans who have dehumanized these millions of children with the label of fetus are able to kill in good conscience and to recognize and support the government which sanctions this. Those who call themselves Pro-Life and who claim that abortion is murder and those who use force to prevent it are just as morally reprehensible as the abortionists. For these I have nothing to say other than that you are liars, hypocrites and cowards. There is no more fundamental duty for a moral citizen than to protect the innocent from assault. This in inherent in the values of all higher civilizations. You have the right, the responsibility and the duty to come to the defense of the innocent when the innocent are under assault. Would you protect your own children from the clutches of a murderer? Would you protect your neighbors' children when they were under assault? If you answered yes to both of these, then you must support the use of force as justified in attempting to prevent the murder that is from assault and also recognize that abortion is murder but do not recognize the right to use force to prevent this murder, then the only logical conclusion is that you do not consider that the unborn have a legitimate claim to life. However, if you do recognize abortion is murder and that unborn children should be protected and you still insist that force is unjustified to stop abortion, then you can be none other than cowards standing idly by in the face of the worst massacre in human history.

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[From “Revisiting the case against science”]

According to Sam Harris and other atheists, humanity is at dire risk of extinction. The causes of those risks, be they anthropogenic global warming or nuclear weapons, can be directly traced to science. It is obviously not religion that poses these deadly dangers; eliminating all religion from the planet would only reduce the total risk of war by approximately 7 percent, and would not reduce the risk of global warming at all. Therefore, if these dangers are to be taken seriously, then it is clear that it is the very concepts of science as body of knowledge and science as method which must be reconsidered and potentially rejected as a lethal threat to humanity, not religion.

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[From “Why I am not a White Nationalist or neo-Nazi”]

Sounding a bit like a cheesy liberal here, I like diversity. I like that you can go to another country and have it be completely friggin' different in every way possible, even down to genetics. Go to Bosnia and there's a certain look, behavior and feel to the people; go to Nigeria, and it's another. That's true diversity. No culture survives interbreeding, because the genetic histories of the newcomers and the natives are merged, resulting in a chaos which settles on the lowest common denominator. This is why mixed societies inevitably turn into trading centers and mercantile republics.

It's worth adding here that I'm proud to have friends with other races and, while I will never breed with them or assimilate or be assimilated by their culture, I don't "hate" them or their races. The mixing of races I might "hate," were I prone to emotional outbursts, but I don't hate them. That they are here, and that our society is collapsing, are symptoms of the same cause: modernity, and its bureaucratic attitudes. They have as much to lose as we do. Thus I refuse to indulge in mindless bigotry against them when I care about them, and view them as allies for the eventual quest of Nationalism to overtake the world.

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[From “There Is No Epidemic of Racist Police Shootings”]

The persistent belief that we are living through an epidemic of racially biased police shootings is a creation of selective reporting. In 2015, the year the PNAS study addressed, the white victims of fatal police shootings included a 50-year-old suspect in a domestic assault in Tuscaloosa, Ala., who ran at the officer with a spoon; a 28-year-old driver in Des Moines, Iowa, who exited his car and walked quickly toward an officer after a car chase; and a 21-year-old suspect in a grocery-store robbery in Akron, Ohio, who had escaped on a bike and who did not remove his hand from his waistband when ordered to do so. Had any of these victims been black, the media and activists would probably have jumped on their stories and added their names to the roster of victims of police racism. Instead, because they are white, they are unknown.

The “policing is racist” discourse is poisonous. It exacerbates anti-cop tensions in minority communities and makes cops unwilling to engage in the proactive policing that can save lives. Last month, viral videos of pedestrians in Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn assaulting passive New York Police Department officers showed that hostility toward the police in inner-city neighborhoods remains at dangerous levels.

The anti-cop narrative deflects attention away from solving the real criminal-justice problem, which is high rates of black-on-black victimization. Blacks die of homicide at eight times the rate of non-Hispanic whites, overwhelmingly killed not by cops, not by whites, but by other blacks. The Democratic candidates should get their facts straight and address that issue. Until they do, their talk of racial justice will ring hollow.

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When we started sending women to work, we began doubling our workforce. This is great in theory but for employers only. More workers devalues the cost of any one particular worker because there are more alternatives. But then the question is what type of job is filled.


When women were placed into the workforce, most of them took jobs that were not already filled. A good portion of these were administrative; not coincidentally, this category has swelled dramatically in the last fifty years.

One reason a category swells is because it can since there are not only people who take those jobs, but people who will depend upon them. Thus it seems cheap at first to hire more, and then more.

If you wonder how we got to the point where most jobs involved four hours of actual work per week, and 36 hours of attending meetings, filling out inconsequential paperwork, reading email, being on conference calls, etc. this is the source: the jobs themselves aren’t important.

When women entered the workforce, we needed to find a way to hire all these new people who would need the income. We diluted job roles in order to make room. This in turn made jobs boring, except for people who enjoy the social aspects of the job, which are all of the non-work parts of the job.

By insisting on this universal participation, we’ve changed jobs from having purpose to being a process of attendance and compliance. Even further, this has diluted productivity. We have made most jobs or most of jobs fully extraneous.

The result is that industry moves more slowly, and has a higher cost in those jobs which are not related at all to the production of widgets. This is the new norm, and most people are afraid to criticize it.