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Elon Musk, SNL, and the Purpose of Life

Why do they hate Elon Musk? The head of Tesla and SpaceX should be a progressive hero. He's even an immigrant. He’s the most successful African-American in the world. It’s especially impressive because he doesn’t get affirmative action.

Elon Musk wants to make humanity a multi-planetary species. Bernie Sanders wants higher taxes. We must choose: greatness or equality.

White America could do great things if it were not saddled with this moral and demographic albatross. By 2100, half the world’s population will be black due to misguided foreign aid that disgusts even many Africans. Policy-makers almost never talk about this except for Bill Gates, who thinks that turning Africans into Asians is only a matter of finding the right “formula.”

There’s nothing moral about piling up dependents while the Western Civilization that sustain them declines. As resources shrink and the black population grows, the result will be war, famine, and mass death. It will be even worse if the environmentalists are right about “climate change.” Reducing African population growth might deprive progressives of the pleasure of ending Western Civilization, but it would mean a better future for actual Africans.

Of course, by actual Africans, I exclude Elon Musk, but I wonder if living in South Africa shaped his thinking.

Sadly, no one talks about these major issues, but you can glimpse them through these tiny battles in the culture wars. The fact that an eccentric billionaire with multiplanetary aspirations is “dangerous” to our petty tyrants makes him interesting. I’m sure he’s no white advocate, but at least he understands that there has to be some form of escape from a system that chokes off accomplishment.



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