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We reproduce below the joint statement issued by participants in the international conference, held under the title of ‘The rising tide of global war’ and organised by the World Anti-Imperialist Platform in Belgrade on 17 December.
It must be clear for anyone with eyes to see that the Nato imperialist bloc is losing its proxy war in Ukraine. Yet, rather than admitting defeat, it is doing everything possible to prolong and extend the war. Clearly, it hopes to find a way to wear down its opponent – if only the conflict can be stretched out for long enough, and if only enough men and material can be found to hurl into the inferno.
For decades now, the USA and its allies have been grooming peoples across eastern Europe to be ready to serve as their willing foot soldiers in this mission. Just as in Ukraine, workers from every former socialist state have been fed an unremitting diet of pro-imperialist Russophobia and anticommunism. At the same time, they have been divided by ultranationalist poison and persuaded to blame this or that group of workers for the impoverishment that followed the fall of socialism in the USSR and eastern Europe, the restitution of unbridled gangster capitalism, and economic recolonisation by the west.

In Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Moldova, Yugoslavia and elsewhere the same tactics have been employed as have served imperialism so well in Ukraine – and which have been the ruin of the Ukrainian people. Laws have been passed declaring communism a crime and rehabilitating the fascists and collaborators of World War 2 as ‘national heroes’ and ‘defenders of the people’. From kindergartens to universities, from museums to public memorials, history has been falsified, fratricidal nationalism has taken the place of socialist fraternity, and every means possible used to confuse and divide the working class.
Defeat to the Nato-led imperialist alliance!
No cooperation with imperialist war!
Victory to the resistance!



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