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RE: Would men also overuse their power like foids do now if things were reversed?

I’m not convinced men abused their power before — people act like the 50s and back were the dark ages for women, but I disagree with that assessment because women were always cared for and valued by men. Without some kind of regulation in place, women become hugely giga advantaged and the 80%+ men are left as wage slaves with no family and no sex (for the lurkers that don’t buy this, please educate yourself on the blackpill science article of — normies have no idea how things are).

Relevant is that today men are actively persecuted and unfairly rated more harshly in schools/Uni/at work.

Teachers mark girls higher for IDENTICAL work to boys (OECD study). Furthermore, a boy will receive 1/3 higher grade in reading tests if the techer does not know he is a boy. From kday 1 of early yers education they also grade boys lower despite them objectively getting higher test scores

Also note the comments farther down cited by the OP where if you look at men today women in their 20s are actually out earning them.


Men did for most of history. Women and children were very often treated like shit. All women do is not have sex with men they don't find attractive. Men kept women as property with no rights of their own.

Bullshit meme. Women and children were simped to absolute protective standards even back then. People would literally kill all the men in wars, but leave the women and children alive. Men were killed and had the shorter hand ALWAYS. Everything you've been taught in this deceptive satanic lying piece of shit society has been the OPPOSITE. Everything normies tell you is literally backwards in reality



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