twinkletoes-97 #racist

IQ is absolutely related to race, on average blacks are on the lower end of the scale at around 85 average while Asians are at the higher end at around 110 or above on average and you can clearly see the differences between those Africa and East Asia. My brother has autism, so I don't have issue with people with learning disabilities and there are different kinds of intelligence. Racial preservation is what will keep countries as they are, if all the Asians were to die out and be replaced with Africans, Asia as it today would not exist. Not to mention that mixing races can lead to medical issues among other negative things associated with not being able to have a single culture and race to identify with. And sacrifice is an extremely important thing for kids to learn, it's better than teaching them that they should always get what they want. I have a right to raise my kids the way I see fit and I want my kids to be raised in a traditionalist household. These concepts have only been seen as crazy within the last very decades or so, this was the normal mindset back in the 1950s and rightfully so.



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