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The War Comes Home

There isn’t an “Afghanistan.” It is a patchwork of tribes. The United States tried to impose an artificial “national” government.

America should never have tried to turn them into proto-Americans.

Indeed, we can’t even turn refugees into Americans. The most prominent “refugee” in America is Ilhan Omar. She said 9/11 was “some people did something,” and brags, “This is not going to be the country of white people.” Tucker Carlson says she’s proof our country is “not very good at resettling refugees.” The Hmong, another “allies” imported after Vietnam, have been a disaster for America and a burden on social services.

Whites are second-class citizens. The “American” government discriminates against us, “American” schools shame our children, the government hands out contracts by race, and anti-white mobs tear down our history. Media and academia have successfully broken many whites to the point they have a negative bias against their own group. “American” law enforcement is selective. Corporate America funds Black Lives Matter and other anti-white movements. If this were happening to any other group, many Republicans would say it justified military intervention in the name of human rights.

Is the system that rules us worth defending? No. If that makes me a “traitor,” I would say only that there is nothing to betray. Our rulers have already betrayed us.

Reporters brag about getting the military to purge white soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who had a racial consciousness. The military teaches Critical Race Theory. General Mark Milley was telling Congress why we had to study “white rage.” He should have been studying intelligence reports on the Taliban.

After 9/11, it was common to mock the idea of a “War on Terror,” How do you fight an idea? No one is mocking the fight against “hate.”

We should talk openly of secession That is how this country began.

If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that a strong tribe can outlast a failing empire.



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