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[Background: this man considers Hitler to have been a "German Avatar" of the god Woden]

Like Tolkien Wilhelm Richard Wagner was a prophet of his generation and of his people. Both drew upon the ancient mythological lore of the Germanic peoples but expressed this in different ways: Tolkien through his written work and Wagner through both his music dramas[vulgarly called `operas`] and his written works which he is less well known for. Both projected the symbol of a ring, a golden ring. This is a subject which I hope to return to elaborate on in a future article.


The end of Aryan man draws nigh and only through his rejection of the Ring and all that it symbolises can he hope to survive. His rejection of the One Who Came Back, who was capable of instituting a new Golden Age, a Satya Yuga they rejected out of desire for gold and fear of the international tribe who runs the world`s banks. The forces of decay, headed by the USA and the UK betrayed their own race and are now suffering the consequences. Aryan Americans are now a minority in their own country and the UK is heading the same way. This is the karma which is now being reaped by those who opposed German Avatar.



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