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RE: DO you believe that female handmaids will change their minds someday and join us?

( ElectricBlue )
Yes, I think they will end up seeing through the TRA fad. However, I think the majority of them will just move on to other fashionable ways to worship men. Being concerned about the "mental health" of violent men seems to be gathering steam.

I believe that eventually TERFS will be seen how the Suffragettes are seen now. They are so universally considered right in our era, that people hardly remember how viciously they were treated at the time. One day, people will memory hole the TRA thing apart from occasional documentaries of people wringing their hands and saying it wasn't their fault, they were just following orders from a few high up doctors. In the annals of history, the TRA era will be very short and very niche, even if living through it has not been.

I predict that in 30 years it will be like Thalidomide or lobotomies. Occasionally you'll hear someone say, "I had an aunt who had all that transgender surgery and she took hormones to grow a beard. Then she died in her 30s from a heart attack caused by the testosterone." And other than that, people will forget it ever existed, and handmaidens will find other ways to worship men in the mistaken belief that this will save them from misogyny.

( BlackCirce )
I don’t know if transactivists will change their minds or not, but what I do know is no matter what happens, we (rfs) will be blamed for it. There won’t be any mass joining of radical feminism, there won’t be a big “wow you were right, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you.” If people defect from trans they will blame radical feminism for both causing them to trans themselves if they identified as trans and they will also blame us for transgenderism existing.

( RisingUp )
I think genderism is soon going to become a massive widespread object of contempt and scorn. The “pronouns in bio” scorn it already gets from the right is going to spread. So I think people will be rowing back from it as quietly as they can. Especially once today’s teenagers are in the workforce.



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