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spoilerNYPD cop can't be fired
for not having COVID
vaccine, judge rules

@vaccineregrets The deadly shots are not vaccines! They are experimental biological agents!

@DanHunt Yes. Many people still do not understand the difference between a classic vaccine (inert virus, localized, does not move) vs this mRNA gene treatment that turns their body into a printing press.

@vaccineregrets that applies to all of us. So many friends and family got jabs cuz they didn’t want to lose their jobs. But those relationships were already destroyed, cuz the masks came first for the divide and conquer tactic. I fell into that group. Long before the jabs came into play. No masks. No tests. No jabs. It’s ok, it’s just a mask. It’s ok, it’s just a test. It’s ok, it’s just a vaccine. No to all of that bs. Smart, and intelligent people that you’ve known for years, just flipped the script and became strangers overnight. It’s truly mind boggling! I don’t mind the lack of drama and peace and quiet though! Lol

@LucyBurnett @vaccineregrets I was fired before all that began. Before Pres. Trump even shut things down in Spring of 2020, my employer tried to tell me I wasn’t allowed to travel across state lines. I told her @$%#@%. No one tells me if I can or can’t travel 50 miles over a state border or not. Other than my husband everyone of my family members lived out of state at that time. I wont mask, I wont test and sure as hell not going to get the jab…

@vaccineregrets Little late, isn’t it? Haven’t many of NY’s finest gotten the boot over the vax?

@vaccineregrets Glad to know public sector goons are excused as always from the persecution they enforce on others.

@vaccineregrets. When are the ukraine people going to blame zelenski for their plight: he wants/ed to join NATO

When are the people of the world going to blame zelenski for their plight:

Work for the best outcome: prepare for the worst. Buy bullets, body armor ...



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