Redpill Robert #sexist

[Hypocrisy] Yes cucks and roasties I will admit, toxic masculinity is a problem... and women are responsible for it!

"Toxic masculinity" is actually driven more by women than by men. How so? For starters, women simply don't want to date sensitive, nonaggressive men and so on. They say they do of course, and media routinely portrays that this is the case. Yet many men learn that all this shit is bogus and usually the hard way at a young age e.g. they were left for a thug or "badboy." They see good men treated like shit left and right by women while they spread their legs for worthless men that treat them like garbage. All the old cliches which still ring true. And so they compensate and act more callous and aggressive because women will be far more likely to fuck them. Disclaimer: this is not suggesting that any of the deluded redpill BS such as "a man can become Chad by simply acting like one!" is true

The reality is that men don't wake up one day just wanting to start fights and stuff, they compete with each other because they want a woman and a family at the end of the day. We see this in more crude forms all throughout nature (e.g. male chimps don't routinely kill younger weaker chimps just because, they do it because they want access to female chimps). That is also part of why less and less men are graduating college and so on. Foids delude themselves into thinking "this proves once and for all we are just as smart as men! No, smarter!" The reality is that they (men) see their futures with women and they say, why even bother? What's the point? The ones with decent enough genetics cope with one-night-stands and playing the field. The ones who aren't as fortunate cope with vidya, junkfood, and/or end up posting here. Or some (the weakest) end up just being enabling male-feminists and cucks who foolishly believe that maybe, just maybe, if they work on their "personality" enough, a roastie will be waiting for them once she eventually realizes what a "good guy" he is.

But of course 'foids will deny all of it. No shock there though; I mean a fat foid will record herself eating a whole case of oreos in one sitting, upload it to jewtube, then act like they can't explain why they're fat (and why you're evil for finding them less attractive) they completely lack introspection and awareness.

But so the bottom line is this:

'Foids: REALLY want to end toxic masculinity? Then stop rewarding toxic men.

End of discussion.



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