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RE: Leftist Filmmaker Michael Moore Celebrates Decline in White People

Calls it the "best day ever in US history."

(Lawrence Drake)
If China floods Tibet with Chinese nationals and boasts that it will no longer be Tibetan then it's an outrage. If it happens to white people then it's good, moral and necessary.

Michael Moore owns nine homes. How many have black or Hispanic neighbors? I'll eat my hat if any of them do.

Isn’t it funny how quickly the left went from:

“We care about the downtrodden middle class, no matter what race they may be”


“F white people!”

It’s almost enough to make you think their fabled concern for the working class was just a sham all along.

I just can't fathom the mental pathology on display here. Whites built the civilization that these leftists seem to have thrived in. Why do they just blindly assume that what is coming next will be better than what was already here? You would think that there were hard numbers that demonstrated that things consistently get better with diversity. But that just isn't the case. Maybe in a few years they'll be telling school kids that we didn't have flush toilets until about 1980, when some Ethiopian immigrant brought this gift to us poor benighted white people.

Middling leftists might be dumb enough to swallow the “diversity is strength” bs, but leftists at the top are well aware of the glaringly obvious track record of nonWhite/ nonOriental countries being disorderly and oppressive. The top leftists are intentionally trying to replace order with chaos, so that they will be given more authority to address the chaos that they themselves have invited. The left are demonic ghouls.

On a hunch I looked up Michael Moore.

This despicable man lives in Torch Lake, Michigan,

97% white, 1% black.

Of course. Moore probably has quite a few BLM lawn signs, but he lives in a safe secure gated community.



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