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RE: curry gang "rapes" and beat up foid set free while the roastie is charged

In the oppression olympics, Muslims are the undisputed champions. Also, no one dares messing with them because those who do get their throats slit. Women don't stand a chance.

The champions are definitely white women. Second place would be blacks. Making fun of Muslims in the UK is still somewhat acceptable.

On second thought, you're right. I've let myself influenced by the results I got when searching images for oppression olympics. Most of them show Muslims on top, and I think this is wrong. Muslims don't really play the victim card, at least not nearly as much as the others. They just don't take up with any offense to their belief, and they have no issue punishing such offenses harshly.

White women are indeed very high up there, but Black people are making an impressive come back these days.

Yup. Talking shit about black people or women is basically a social death sentence. The same can't be said for Muslims. They're still high up there but you won't become an outcast if you say something bad about them.



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