ky_native #racist #crackpot

A negro man who happens to be very, very hungry would eat his neighbor (I hope the negro said grace as he was taught by the Mennonites to give thanks for the bountiful harvest)! In extreme cases, whites also practiced cannibalism in order to survive (like the Donner Party, or when they were mentally ill like Jeffrey Dahmer); however, in the case of negroes, who knows why they eat each other. I have found when dealing with negroes to try not to understand them too much. Negroes like being negroes!

In the near future, when the groceries run out, African blacks will consume each other as they would consume bush meat. The dark continent would be a place to avoid in the future. I've read that Jeffrey Dahmer preferred dark meat because the texture was better than white meat. Even when dealing with chicken meat, some people prefer dark meat, and some people prefer white meat. I am personally omnivorous, so dark and white meat is fine with me!

When I looked up Jeffrey Dahmer's name, it had a picture of the negro who killed him. It said he became a poet.



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