Shaun Frederick #fundie

People that dont have sex before marriage and stay faithfull I bet get an std about one in every one million people. I am confidant this very very rarely happens. Its people like (no offence) you that try to tinker with the rules that get this stuff while trying to follow them.

Divorce happens more rampant because we think the grass could be greener on the other side of the fence and we are very spoiled, ungodly people now, more than 30 years ago. Not a fact but that is why.

Children are unhappy because of several reasons. Dumb drunk people hooking up and having unwanted children. They end up not getting loved and are therefore unhappy. Parents cheating, and destroying the family because of lack of love once again. If you take love out of sex it just destroys people. You will see if you and your boyfriend continue on your path.



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