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RE: Daily reminder to coping white supremacists on this site


turbocuckcel_7000 is a 31 year old virgin who still has a cope for “white supremacy”. This old geezer actually believes that worshipping whote women and white chads is the best thing for incels lmaooo

BummerDrummer a blonde white incel kid is who is at the bottom of his white social hierarchy worshipping the same whote women who wont fuck him

Realizing that multiculturalism/migration is detrimental due to skewing up the gender ratio, that it is used to disinegrate the unity of the people (thereby making them easier to control with racial infights) and that it benefits only liberals/capitalists that will make our problems worse =/= simping for white women

Migrants vote mostly leftist-liberal, every vote for leftist-liberals is a vote against men and for feminism. Furthermore, they bring crime and I would rather be an incel with my wallet than without. And for their sexual crimes: I don't care and because women voted for this, it's their problem.

I believe that every race has its place on the globe and shouldn't mix, but there's no denying that ethnicities are dumber than whites and they're doing shit in politics, so whites must prevail in the end

daily reminder


(Fat Link)
There’s no such thing as white supremacy.

There is however Jewish supremacy.

Maybe you muds that are sad and pissed off about your rotten lot in life need to begin taking up your problems with the Jews?

Since after all they owned all the slave ships that brought your black asses over here to whiteopia to begin with and it was they who were your primary enslavers NOT whites.

You should all demand reparations from Israel now but you monkeys won’t as you are pussy niggers.

Too fearful to attack or go after the actual people whose organ grinder tune you all dance to.



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