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99.99 % males are simps/whiteknights (same thing) scums (That’s a FACT), And it wouldn’t be a exaggeration to say all males are simps scum, Real Alpha Males are Rare, If you are not celibate, You’re a simp simple as that, Just accept it, No amount of whining will make you “not simp scum”, If you REALLY wanna change that, Then improve on yourself, Your interaction with the opposite sex should be zero to rarely, Only when when you must have to and for only important reasons, Otherwise you’ll sucked deeper and deeper into the “females are wonderful effect” and then you’re fucked for life.

Self Declaration: Even though I was never a subscriber of r/MGTOW, Just call it celibacy simple as that.

Anyway, Ban me, Don’t ban me it makes no difference to me, I don’t care, I said what I had to say.



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