LukeEatForest #fundie

[[ A morality test
Assume that the most attractive girl (or guy.) you've ever seen is chained to a lamp post naked while you're having a stroll late at night. Would you, or wouldn't you have sex with her/him IF:

No one would ever find out
The memory of the incident will be wiped from your and her memory afterwards

Vote in the poll.]]

I don't really consider this a morality test. Any man with a penis who saw the most attractive girl ever, to their eyes, would shag her (assuming the lack of consequences was made explicitly clear to them) and that's the end of it. A morality test would be something like killing a child or slaughtering a pig, or even exploiting a minority. Human nature dictates that an ordinary person with some sort of libido would go with "Yes" in this instance. I'm not going to lie to myself, though I consider myself as good a person as can reasonably exist, by suggesting otherwise.



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