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Women are hypocrites.

Women’s hypocrisy and lack of accountability have no limits.

The same women who complain about being objectified literally objectify the hell out of men, not only physically but also on the basis of wealth and clout.

The same women who champion body positivity will shame or even “jokingly” dehumanize men for not measuring up to various physical standards; The same women who believe they are held to unrealistic body standards in media/pop culture will often have strict, usually genetic, physical requirements for men that are directly motivated by media/pop culture.

The same women who claim to want equality between the sexes are literally hypergamous when choosing who to date.

The same women who choose to wear sexually provocative clothes will often become offended if a guy they aren't attracted to checks them out.

The same women who believe female genital mutilation is terrible are the same women who see no problem with male circumcision, often even expressing a preference for circumcised penises.

The same women who will shame and view a man as insecure for artificially enhancing his looks are the same women who wear make up, fake hair, ect.

The same women who will shame a male celebrity for dating noticeably younger women will praise and admire a female celebrity for dating noticeably younger men.

The same women that think its wrong when men see women as shallow or gold diggers are often the same ones that have no problem viewing men as rapists by default that literally need to be trained/taught not to rape.

The same women that believe women have far more value outside of the realm of sexuality are the same women who will automatically insult a man's ability to attract women for sex in order to "win" a verbal confrontation.


Reminder that the same women who accuse people of mysogyny are often the same ones who literally believe misandry doesn't exist/is a myth.



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