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( @MarkDice )
Black supremacist Tiffany Cross has been fired from MSNBC. This shortly after Tucker Carlson highlighted her virulent anti-whiteism. She even made Joy Reid seem pleasant. Bye, bitch.

( @Teknoskillz )
@MarkDice Direct orders from the Jew York shareholders....dump all black stocks! The goyim know !

( @DOOM1000101 )
@MarkDice too far left for msdnc? Impressive.

( @JimDef )
@MarkDice Blacks are the most vociferous racists in America and it has been going on even since the 1960's.
I watched a documentary on Woodstock (August 1969) last night and there were black racists who set up their table with literature about "whitey" at the festival.

( @LibertyForever02 )
@JimDef @MarkDice even back then like now couldn't tell the difference between a Jew and a White.

( @deborahcbalp )
@MarkDice If whites are so abhorrent, why do blacks misappropriate our hair styles?

( @FuriousYT )
@MarkDice It's amazing how many pseudo-intellectual midwits they promoted in the media and academia to sell the racist woke narrative. But they sold their psyop too hard and it appears it's going to cave-in on them.



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