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CBC Justifies $15 Billon Payment to Aboriginal Day School Students; Residential Schools were just the beginning of endless payout.


"You were always hit with something: straps, pieces of wood, rulers, yardsticks, chalk thrown at you, erasers thrown at you, you were pushed around," said Diabo.

Wow that just sounds awful. Nothing at all like the way my father described his schooling. Nope not at all. No disruptive white kids were ever subject to the same treatment in the same time period by their schools. That is impossible.

[Deleted] : "We've turned into huge pussies."

wallace321"This. Absolutely this. It's not like getting beaten BY YOUR TEACHER for not knowing the correct answer isn't a cliche of how schools were back in the day or anything. /s

Is that all this "residential schools" guilt fest is?"

notasodomite:"This is good. They'll blow it on drugs and booze and finally finish "

In my public school they routinely used the strap for punishment. You put your hands in front and they whip you. Between that and bullies kicking my ass, I ask, where is my money?



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