Merlin via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #conspiracy

I am Merlin, legendary wizard and adviser to King Arthur, and I am delighted to send this message to humankind. Many stories and fairytales were created about my birth and my life, which are far from the truth in most of them.

I volunteered to come here to help with the fight against Dark Creatures, who were openly walking between humans during my presence. My mission was to assist as adviser to King Arthur in the fight with Evil and Light. No one knows the real truth about the history of this planet. All historical events have been altered by the creatures. They burned books and recordings that portrayed truthful events.
I want to remind everyone that you were pre-selected to arrive here, you are not ordinary souls and went through the process of being preselected to arrive to Mother Gaia. You are souls with many powers, which are dormant in the moment and you forgot about your origins. Magic is real and exists within us in high dimensions. Dark Creatures purposely superficially keep low vibrational energies on the planet to keep humanity asleep.

Awaken ones in future will be able to unlock their full potential including magic abilities. Right now, Mother Earth receives daily high vibrations from Cosmos to help your civilization to become stronger spiritually and physically to prepare for Ascension process and awake others.

As you know by now, the Matrix was created a long time ago, and now is cracking down, despite Evil attempts to save it. I have seen many atrocities and murders by these creatures. They love destruction, torture and to mess with your minds. Open your heart to magic within yourselves and embrace your surroundings with Love and Light. Stop believing and following imposters.

As soon you open yourself to the truth, your hidden powers will start to surface. Release 3D shell of illusionary reality to the Cosmos and focus on building New Gaia in high dimensions. Thank you Universal Channel. Please, receive my Blessings and Love.



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