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Greetings to all souls. It is at this time that I have requested to have Anne open a message to all souls. I pin-point my message to all souls especially upon Mother Earth, for the LIE under which all souls upon Earth have lived has destroyed most of the valuable history that the Dark Ones have tried to erase.
Their evil goal was to educate the children that there is no difference between a male and female, and that men can birth a child just like a women, Their evil agenda is to teach it is almost imperative the change one’s sex, and that boys and girls must use the same bathroom and have no privacy. In essence it is a horrible mess.

The 4th of July is no different. If you were to ask anyone on the street, let alone a young person, and ask them “Why do we celebrate the th of July? You would be surprised at the answers.

They would say most likely, that it a time to shoot those fire works and to blow them up days before …probably the biggest and loudest ones they could find. History of the U.S.? Are you kidding? Even the adults have no concept of American History, the Declaration of Independence or the struggle the 13 colonies that were under “the thumb” of England and taxed to death. They had come to America for freedom, but in essence they were the slave-people of the British Empire.
According to the Phoenix Journals, the men were in argument because of the threat to them by the British Empire. Confusion rang throughout the room and there was a hesitancy on the part of many to sign the document. Suddenly a man appeared on the balcony and shouted at them with these words: “For God’s Sake men, sign the Document!!” His voice rang out with clarity and the earnest plea to sign that Document! The men immediately signed the Document! Who was this stranger?

It was St. Germain!!
America has a great history. The Dark Ones of Satan have tried to erase such a grand history, but the whole truth has been recorded and it us in the great Akashic Records.



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