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[Quote: "Yeah but there are hate sites of everything. I could find atheist hate sites, g*y hate sites, racism, ect...

Your posts seem to imply that you think Christians are being persecuted - and they certaintly are in some countries. But not in mine (America). Christians make up a whopping, correct me if I am wrong, 76.5% of Americans.

I don't really think the Dawkins link is a Christian hate message. His answer is pretty logical. I think it is unfair to categorize it so."]

OK, there are hate sites of everything. So that makes it OK to have hate sights of Christians?

Not being persecuted in America?! I live in America and see the persecution first hand. I believe the world was created less than 10,000 years ago in seven days. Even though there is NO science to support anything else, I am deemed an idiot. I believe it is wrong to murder unborn children, and am deemed an idiot.

I have had children attending school for about 20 years. Our Christian views are not allowed in school while ALL & ANY others are not only allowed, but also taught in school. Christianity is being systematically removed from the American society that Christianity built. We are not running from lynch mobs yet, but that will come. Do you think the murderers of Christians in the Sudan just started lopping off heads one day? No, they had to spend the time to set the stage. Did Hitler wake up one day and begin killing Jews? No, it took years of preparation. The American stage is set and the preparations are made. And we, Christians, know much worse is coming, even expect it. Prophecy cannot be denied.




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