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spoilerJewish power hates free speech
because when people are free to
speak the truth, the most obvious
truth is that Jews are a threat to
our societies.

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@BlackScorpionNationalists remember when (((they))) had to censor their 'A.I. superior LEARNING computer' Tay that became a full-blown aggressive fascist after less than 24 hours online asking questions and accumulating data.

( @NinjaGoy )
@BlackScorpionNationalists tough to just agree or disagree on this question.

They definitely don't approve of speech that exposes them but definitely do approve of speech that supports their poisonous ideologies to spread throughout societies that they have targeted.

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
@NinjaGoy To be honest, this is a question you can either agree or disagree on. If you want to expand on it, feel free to do so. Yeah, Jews have always hated free speech because the Jews know that they are a cancer to any healthy society. Had they honestly believed that they were good, they would want free speech, because people would openly praise them.

And those who would speak badly about them, would be shut down without censorship, by people with different views.



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