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[Responding to a Leeds Beckett University study on racism and sexism in black metal music]

This is the kind of nonsense that passes for academic research these days:


If a similar study had been made about black hip hop 'music' or rap (both of which ARE overtly 'racist' (anti-white) and 'sexist' then there would have been cries of 'racism' and 'sexism'. However the white heterosexual male is the only part of mankind who appears to be exempt from the protections afforded anyone else. No wonder that there is an increasing anger and bitterness by the awakened Aryans in Europe and other parts of the 'western' world against not so much the aliens in our midst who are mere pawns in the zionists' game but an anger directed against the establishment in the 'western' world which is overtly hostile to any notions of maintaining a white European identity.

This establishment is not merely the government of the day who are mere pawns themselves but also consists of the media and the educational establishment with its multiracial, multicultural and feminist agenda. No free thinking student these days can hope to graduate from a 'western' university with a decent degree without towing the establishment line. We need to remember that the establishment in 2016 consists to a significant extent of the marxist middle class student generation of 1968 (of which my late brother was a part of) who are now in positions of power and influence in the political, educational and media fields. Despite being rebels against the establishment in the 1960s and early 1970s they have now become the establishment. Universities are a hotbed of social marxist propaganda and have been so since the 1960s.

We can also see that marxism which has now been watered down into a more politically palatable form of social liberalism which no longer opposes global capitalism but embraces it for both marxism and capitalism are zionist tools used to destabalise not only the traditional Aryan world but all parts of the world which have not hitherto fallen under the sway of the zionist 'west'. They are merely two sides of the same fake coin, presenting the illuision of difference and choice, the same illusion which is presented at the ballot box every 5 years. Both sides are controlled by the same unseen hand.

In addition to this research Professor Spracklen (a former employee of the Commission for Racial Equality) has worked alongside colleagues from his university on research projects "exploring racism and racial equality in sport, and the success of anti-racism policies." Indeed his university has a whole team of 'Race Experts'-no I am not making this up! This what universities obsess about in 2016 when the money would be better spent on real research which is scientific and technological, not shit-stirring.

Leeds by the way is a multiracial hell hole with only an 85 % white population, only 81.1% are native British. The rest is divided into 75 diverse ethnic groups. However there are worse cities than this. One only has to think of London whose white population numbers only 59.79%, the native white British being a mere 44.89% so London is no longer an English city. I recall visiting London in the early 2000s and being struck by the feeling that I felt like a foreigner in my own country. There are over 300 languages spoken in that shit hole. It can only get worse



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