Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut

(Marjorie Taylor Greene)
If they can fool people into believing a lie to achieve their goals they are all in.

President Trump had already been voluntarily cooperating and the FBI had already been there.

The raid was for the news and to intimidate all of you.

@repmtg The FBI are antiwhites who want to intimidate, terrorize, and harm all white people.

@repmtg Start the legal proceedings in Congress! Clean this Government out!

@repmtg Destroy reputation for optics & to intimidate?
#devolution documents, that's what it was for.
And it doesn't matter if that's "conspiracy theory" or not now bc obviously big gov believes it is fact, not fiction & they just validated it for all to see.
They also just set the precedent to raid obama, all the bidens, bush, the clintons & anyone else the next admin wants raided.

We're not intimidated by #fbiisassHOE

@repmtg Of course President Trump has been cooperating. The raid was just another side show to impinge his character while distracting everyone from the bad economy and lawlessness of the leftists in charge. Starting in Jan 2023, do not pass any new laws. Congress should spend its efforts undoing all the laws and executive orders implemented during bumbling biden’s first half; spend the rest of the time investigating and preparing referrals for all the criminal acts committed by those currently in charge.

@repmtg FBI agents could have taken these documents back in June when they went through them. They obviously weren't that important then. Sounds like that visit was used to set up this raid. This is significant govt overreach and abuse of power from the highest levels!



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