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They've clearly never read the book, The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar, that book is a huge blackpill as it is insightful.

They've never read anything that disagrees with their social justice agenda. The fact that a book entitled I Hate Men by some French whore went viral among feminists shows what feminism is really about. They always talk as if we have no societal problems other than the patriarchy, and female oppression (both of which are illusions as I have illustrated in previous threads). It's just a big waste of time to argue with these types of people. I could type essays about when feminists are only victimizing themselves to gain attention, or to feel like they're part of something bigger than them, but my efforts are futile. A camel does not see its hump; and just like camels feminists fail to see the problem with their logic.

Everyone one of their opinions is shared by the general population. They aren't able to form their own opinions nor do they care to do the research themselves. Society treats incels as they do any male problem, as a joke. They hate us in particular because we are the living proof that their retarded feminist ideology and SJW oppression tiers are bullshit. They'll come up with anything to try to delegitimize everything about us.

I think the reason SJWs are trying to link our behaviour to culture is because they want the incel community to be PC, which will essentially lead to the extermination of the resistance altogether, they want to make us NPCs. If the reasons we feel bad about inceldom are biological, their hands are basically tied. But if it’s cultural, then incels can, at least in principle, be conditioned to stop feeling bad about their inceldom. And they’re doing that by pushing normies and fakecels into our spaces until one day all the original incels are gone, and as a result the incel community will become a thing of the past — i.e. I won’t be a threat to SJWs anymore as it will be subsumed into their culture.



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