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(TheViking Hermit)
Critical Race Theory is extremely strange and dangerous in that it makes “white people” out as the ultimate bad guy, while also portraying “white people” as an unstoppable force that no other group can defend against or complete with, thus only policy and handouts can save them… it labels conquest, victory, hard work and critical thinking as “white”, heck even Math and Scheduling is “white”…implying that non-whites can neither conquer, be victorious, work hard, or advance… it’s both hateful of “whites” yet creepily venerating of them.

I find this same creepy double edge thought process in modern feminism where men are labeled as evil, and yet to promote women they compare themselves to and strive to be more, like men. Focusing on careers not family, making short hair popular, acting more aggressive, promoting less feminine and more ‘butch’ body types, demanding more clothing styles similar to that of men, desiring performance an competition at the same levels as men. Almost like to goal is to be men, rather than focus on what women are doing.

True, which is why Critical Theory and Feminism makes no sense. There's never been any logic or reason to their positions, it's entirely emotion-based and tribal. They contradict themselves all the time and many of us have spent the past 10 years making fun of their truly awful positions. However, despite how easy it is to debunk, reason against or disprove most of their points, they are still winning the culture war, mostly through their funding and institutions, fake news, celebrity culture, etc. Like Marxists say, "there is no truth but power." They don't care to speak truth, they only want to win, which is what they are doing...



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