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(The Magnificence)

There needs to be some "female socialization" etiquette guide for this population.

You can, at least to a degree, teach "Mean Girl;" "Shade," however, cannot be taught. And very, very few men innately know how to throw it. And most of those men are black and/or gay.

I don't think it's socialization. Women just speak in high context, men don't. These troons remind me of guys who say "I once met a woman at a party and she asked me back to her place to watch Indiana Jones and I said no because I hate Indiana Jones. Five years later I realize what she was actually saying."


T4T dating event on the HER app canceled “due to a lack of interest”


post was quickly deleted before more mask-off uncomfortable truths could be posted.

Wow Hetero men don't want to date other men. In other news, water is wet.

And yet, if a bio woman said she only wanted women not a man or a trans woman she would be banned so fast it would make your head spin. For fuck sake, they don't even see each other as women. When is society going to stop collectively pretending this is legit?

(Sexual Chocolate)
Sadly, we can only imagine what fuglies and swamp-ma'ams woulda shown up to that thing. In olden - and therefore based - times, a PT Barnum or a Jerry Springer would be on that like a dog in a bowl of stew


(Big Al's Famous Pork)
Transgender Woman interview-Taryn

This piece of absolute human garbage has fathered 10 kids! 10 drug addicted babies he has jizzed into the world!!! Every single one was taken by CPS.. holy shit. Give me all your top hats because this made me want to punch the internet.

(Pitbull Victim)
I have no idea what is more nightmarish: what you mentioned, his Crusader Kings-ass family tree where his grandpa trooned out and married his own son, or how his wife would suffer worsening brain damage with each pregnancy but he kept impregnanting her until she ended up a vegetable.

These people need to be spayed and neutred.



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