verifymejoshuaconnormoon & Asmobaby #psycho #sexist #transphobia


Women indulge troons way too much, both the ftms and mtfs find validation with women much more often than with men, the troon issue is like a female civil war.

gay men shit on ftms because they’re pathetic and an inconvenience at most.

the reason why women are passive/claim to support mtfs is because they’re violent narcissists who can physically harm us if they’re set off (not being the center of attention). that and women who are vocal against mtfs will get doxed and get rape/death threats.

the worst ftms can do when rejected by gay men is play the victim or call them faggots. mtfs are by far more unhinged and dangerous towards women, lesbians in particular.

i can confidently say that most women secretly are disgusted by them. nobody sees mtfs as women, just ignore them or pretend to support them out of necessity or pity. the ones who genuinely do support them are uninformed or just as crazy as the troons. there is not a single well-adjusted person who could look at the contents of this thread and honestly say they support troons.

Exactly this. Notice that only women ever get the "terf" label from MtF's. Never men, not ever. And the term "terf" can get you the rape/death threats and/or cost you a career as well.

Troons know it's way easier to punish a real woman - it's kind of what they're all about, really. They are making a mockery of us. They wish they could be us, fuck us, subdue us, replace us. It's this whole new form of misogyny, disguised as something "good" and "progressive."

And, yeah, we do find them disgusting. Especially whenever they "dress up" and look even more ridiculous. A real woman, at some point, figures out how to dress for her figure/bone structure but these troons never seem to do be able that (even the ones who get plastic surgery to look like Kardashians still look fucking ridiculous and try-harding). But it's our inherent "motherly" nature that will make most of us be neutral and/or nice to them out of self-preservation. Who wants to get punched by a man? Especially one that could "get away with it"??



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