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RE: Gender Critical v Terf

( VestalVirgin )
Eh, well, "terf" has always been a slur. I cannot begrudge it anyone if they don't want to use that as self-description.

(I don't use it, either, except jokingly. I consider myself a plain old feminist. If I need to clarify, I might add a "radical", but that's it.)

( CruelEnnui )
This so much. People seem to forget that not only is "terf" a slur used to silence women, it is also incorrect in the sense that radical feminists don't exclude trans people - only trans males.

( Unicorn )
Yes. Men are not part of radical feminism because it is a female movement. (They can be allies to radical feminism but not actually radical feminists.)

Transgender-identifying men ("transwomen") are not excluded because they are transgender-identifying, they are excluded because they are male. Radical feminism rejects the upholding of gender, which transgender ideology requires, especially in order to consider a "transwoman" a woman.

( syntaxerror )
Yep. TERFs are fine with accepting “trans men” into feminism, since they are, you know, women. It’s the TIMs they don’t want.

( Spencer_Shayy )
I don't call myself a feminist. It's become so androcentric that I'm embarrassed to be affiliated with it. I prefer "women's libber".

But I like her statement about the three groups because she's right, even if we call them something different. Too many GCers are trying to compromise with trans activists. Placating men is literally why feminism is in such a sorry state.

These people hate you for being female. Their whole ideology ("transgender") is the result of misogyny. They constantly wish us all raped and killed for not validating, supporting, or agreeing with them.

Why do you think making concessions and being diplomatic will change this? Has that EVER changed mens behavior towards women?

( syntaxerror )
I guess technically the TRAs would refer to me as a TERF but that term has long been watered down from its original meaning. They call right wing men TERFs now.

I am not a radical feminist. I am a feminist for sure, but as I’ve said here before I disagree with a few views that can be classified as “radfem” so I would refer to myself as GC if I was required to identify that type of political thinking. But idk I qualify as a TERF with the way the word has shifted so who knows at this point.



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