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Now that we know that is also a lie, as there are still chemtrails all over the western half of the US and yet there is the worst drought there in a millennium, it begins to be clear to us that chemtrails are being sprayed above us for a more, insidious reason.

Bill Gates now claims that we need to "block out the sun" to prevent Global Warming. Bill Gates also claimed the Covid-19 vaccines were used for immunity to that supposed flu-like disease. The truth is that Bill Gates is a liar: both Covid-19 vaccines and chemtrails are being used as slow-kill methods to depopulate the world. Both are poisons used to compromise your immune system.
A contrail from an airplane is water vapor and will disappear entirely within seconds. A chemtrail, however, will linger intact as a long white line for many minutes, and then very slowly form into a hazy cloud-like form which makes a blue sky suddenly grey.

I stated looking up at the sky wherever I went, and soon I could "predict" what the weather would be on any given day based on how many chemtrails I saw that day. I saw that chemtrails didn't make it rain at all--rather, I saw chemtrails dissolve an incoming storm, creating windy weather in its place.

This isn't just happening in the United States. It's happening almost everywhere in the world in a coordinated program of genocide, just like the Covid-19 worldwide collusion. I have been to about 90 countries in my life, at least 70 of them since 2001. In almost every country I traveled to, I intentionally scanned the sky for chemtrails.

In most African countries, there are fewer chemtrails than in heavily-chemtrailed Europe and the United States (What a coincidence! Just like the concentration of Covid vaccines), but there are chemtrails in Africa. They are moderately heavy in Asia (including China), and they exist in almost every country I've visited. There are only two countries where I tried to see chemtrails, but did not see them: Bhutan and North Korea.



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