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(Donald J Trump)
I’ll soon be heading to the scene of the unwarranted, unjust, and illegal Raid and Break-In of my home in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. I’ll be able to see for myself the results of the unnecessary ransacking of rooms and other areas of the house. It has already been proven that so much has been wrongfully taken, it is not a “pretty thing.” So sad! The 4th Amendment, and much more, has been totally violated, a grave invasion of privacy. I will keep the American public informed on TRUTH!

@realdonaldtrump There’s so much hate even here on GAB for a man who loves America. Please get a life and modicum of civility.

@Eugarps @realdonaldtrump Please take your tongue off of his balls and stop the idol worship. The hate for him is growing, and for good reasons.

@CN_Duchess @Eugarps @realdonaldtrump and for what reason,I'm just a little curious to know what you know

@JWoody @CN_Duchess @Eugarps @realdonaldtrump if you have to be told you are beyond stupid.. foisting the depopulation agenda via vaccine on the people for one.. setting up his own patriots .. playing his stupid fuckin games.. like calling executing a search warrant a break in. .. so he can incite his stupid followers... everything about this puppet sell out is more and more obvious every day...

@realdonaldtrump stay the course sir, #WethePeople are with you!🙏🇺🇸

@realdonaldtrump If only you had purged the FBI.

@DavisH @realdonaldtrump he appointed Wray

@Misterogerz @DavisH @realdonaldtrump Trump's appointees were so shocking and incompetent: he'll probably appoint Biden to the Space Force high command or something.

@DavisH @realdonaldtrump and finished the wall!

@realdonaldtrump Who could have appointed swamp drainers, not communists like Wray?

Who could have fought huge government corruption and refused to sign bills reauthorizing garbage like Patriot Act type powers and endless increases in spending?

If only there was a position that could have done such things, and Trump had had it for 4 years.

@realdonaldtrump i ain’t no slap jaw faggot trump supporter who is begging for someone to save them

i save myself



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