Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #quack

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
I am adamantly opposed to the Covid-19 vaccine being added to children’s vaccine schedule.

Thousands of covid vaccine injuries & deaths on VAERS have never been investigated.

Since 1-04-20, out of 1,060,051 total covid deaths only 1,494 deaths occurred in kids 0-18.

(@PatriQt )
@repmtg I, and many others are opposed to all vaccines, and for good reason. Many have seen the damages they cause, and now they admit it!

( @Doobie1057 )
@repmtg We did NOT have 1,060,051 covid deaths. That is a lie, a fake number. Pure covid deaths were in double or triple digits. That is all.

( @bmac80 )
@Doobie1057 @repmtg actually never went above zero.

( @spish )
@repmtg 99.7% survival rate.
All conversations need to start with this context.
Logically, most of them should end there, too.

( @Emazeika )
@repmtg but like a supreme HYPOCRITE you refuse to hold TRUMP accountable for unleashing these Democide shots. Your lord and master, Trump, has said they are totally safe… how DARE you question him!

This is all just to score points…

(@drvols16 )
@repmtg MTG tell the truth not one fucking soul has died from covid. You are part of the problem there is not a test to determine from covid and the flu please tell the damn truth

(@LindaLuu )
@repmtg how about we abolish the CDC along with the FBI?



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