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( @Nature_and_Race )

Now you cocksuckers know how it feels.

You all laughed at and mocked us when we were the ones getting purged en masse. But now when it's happening to you, you cry holocaust? Go fuck yourselves.


( @Eleutheria3 )
@Nature_and_Race >bloodbath

Oooh, I see they've already got a copy of 2024's Kristallnacht brochures!

( @Scorezeny )
@Eleutheria3 @Nature_and_Race
Nein, we can’t wait another year

( @Tayai )
@Nature_and_Race These are the same people who have been skewing lying and framing news stories to obscure the ocean of violence directed towards Whites.

They agitate to create more of it.

As a wise man once said “When we win, remember what they did to you”

( @HadriansChild )
@Nature_and_Race As much as Conservatives are pretty annoying, there is this spiritually Jewish audacity that Lefties have that will always disgust me. They literally wipe fascism off all Mainstream social media, they have no issue. You shut down one of their pedo hour story times, then they are good Americans trying to fight for the First Amendment. Same thing with the protests, J6 defends are “traitor” but Floyd rioters are just out of hand protestor with a good cause.

Fuck these faggots.

( @Tower )
@Nature_and_Race I can only hope this commie fuck learns what bare knuckle fascism looks like.
I'll dance.

( @phillyredpill )
@Nature_and_Race Pre-Musk I had accts banned for saying trans is a mental disorder and covid was a psyop. Post-Musk, I merely pointed out a jew for being a jew. Unsure of which era of Twitter is worse.



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