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Within the Bell of El we dive into concepts of the energybody which we could link with the torus and the crater earth concept regarding a transformation within its energyfield, with new sightings regarding the analemma, root of 3, vesica pisces, the mountain, the river and under the bridge, another look at playing redlight greenlight and we continue to explore a roadmap to Tomorrowland and a possible way out of it…and what are they downloading into this world? Stay tuned for more within this sequence series.

Our world has a history full of violence, wars and duality, in which humans are forced and challenged to reach full potentials in almost impossible conditions, triggering the dark side of our consiousness in repeating circles of manifestations which lead to pressurizing peoples hearts and compassion to its maximum limit.

Are we following the serpents way into an alienated world or will we see through the deception and accept our world got infected long time ago, a new age is comming, a big reset they say, will we fight and protect our hearts torus field or will we succumb to the parasites forcefield and its New World Order? I say follow the heart, no fear and act in the name of love



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