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[OP of "My Nieces and Education"]

I have no children, but I have nieces. They are twins

They have been raised in my house with the family. For a while they lived far from my house, but not much.

Now in their education, the mother is not very conscious. I try to protect their minds. But I can't do much, since I'm not the father.
And they don't have a father either.

Any advice?

Children are being bombarded with multicultural propaganda, miscegenation, multiculturalism, feminism, gender ideology.

I've tried to block youtube channels, so they don't watch that content, but it's impossible. Now I turn off the television directly, even so, I can't always be home. And they go to public school.

Many times I was sleeping, or working or other things. And when I see that they are watching media trash, cartoon trash can't stand it.

How could I influence them? Without committing to his mother.

They have taken books from a public library, and I found that in the public library, it is full of books, pro-feminists of the type of feminism of hatred towards man, among others.

How can I influence them, before they leave my home without having problems with their mother?



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